Adding a Motorcycle Wash to Your Self-Serve Car Wash Can Add Value and Profits to Your Business

Adding a Motorcycle Wash to Your Self-Serve Car Wash Can Add Value and Profts to Your Business

One way to increase profits is to add services which appeal to a new customer base. Adding a motorcycle wash station to your self-serve car wash business will provide convenience for some of your existing customers, while also attracting new business. Motorcycle enthusiasts want to spend more time riding their bike and less time cleaning it, but they also want their bikes cleaned properly. A motorcycle wash can help cut wash time and also lift the motorcycle up to decrease the fatigue owners experience when bending over to clean the bottom of the bike. Complete motorcycle wash packages, including a stainless pressure washer pump, are available to install into your existing car wash bay.

With a motorcycle wash equipment package, customers can pull their bikes onto the platform at ground level, and then lock it in place with front wheel safety chock locks. Handlebar safety straps secure the front end. Once the customer inserts money into the included coin box with bill acceptor, the bike can be raised up to a comfortable height for washing. A complete motorcycle wash equipment package includes a drive-on motorcycle wash platform with hydraulic lift unit, stainless steel pump and hydraulic stand module, motorcycle chemical tank module, stainless steel deluxe coin box with bill acceptor, high speed air dryer, a complete motorcycle chemical package, signage, stainless steel ceiling mount dual booms, and a controller box for raising and lowering the platform.

There are ten wash functions: presoak, high pressure soap, foamy brush, wheel and tire cleaner, low pressure rinse, high pressure rinse, spot free rinse, clear coat protectant, air dryer, and the stop wash function. A full-featured wash package will save customers time and give them a satisfying clean and shine for their beloved bikes. While an initial investment is required, adding a motorcycle wash will also add service, value, and new customers to your existing customer base. In the long run, this translates to added value for your customers, and thus added profit for your car wash business.


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