What Kind of Car Wash Towels Should You Use?

Hey everyone, Chelsea Knows here and today I want to talk about the features and benefits on a number of Car Wash Towels.

Paper Car Wash Towels

  • Thin, absorbent, and available in many sizes
  • They are affordable, easy to store and will increase profits at your car wash or auto detailing center.
  • Unfortunately, paper towels are not as durable as cloth towels

 Terry Cloth Car Wash Towels

  • Terry Cloth Car Wash Towels has the fabric with loops that can absorb massive amounts of water, perfect for drying cars.
  • They are durable, long lasting and can get through any stain.
  • Terry Cloth Car Wash towels can be washed over and over again.
  • Terry Cloth Car Wash Towels are available individually wrapped, bagged or bulk folded for easy vending. You can also get them by the dozen for detailing!

 Blue Cloth Car Wash Towels

  • Blue Cloth Car Wash towels come at an excellent value.
  • They are great for detailing, body and window cleaning giving your car that extra shine!
  • They are also perfect for removing wax, dusting the dash, and drying.
  • The more you wash them, the softer they get!

 Microfiber Car Wash Towels are without a doubt the best towels to use on any car’s because they have…

  • Over 90,000 fibers per square inch, which gives these towels superior softness and strength.
  • Great for cleaning and dusting without chemicals.
  • They absorb about eight times their weight and dry in half the time.
  • Microfiber towels are scratch and lint free as well.

A smart car wash operator will offer each type of towels at all locations to cater to customer preferences.  The more types of towels you can off the more you will sell! For all of your car wash towels and vending needs, Kleen-Rite is the best place for the job.



Microfiber Detail Towel-Medium Duty (Large) 







Kleen-Rite Terry Cloth Folded WRAPPED Towel








Kleen-Rite Blue Cloth Folded WRAPPED Towel 







50 cent Bulk White, Vender Ready Car Wash Towels 


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