Consolidate to Minimize Shipping Costs

This purpose of this post is to share a detailed answer to a question we’ve been getting from our customers. Gary Frey, Kleen-Rite National Sales Manager, offered his insight on how to minimize shipping costs.

Q: How do I minimize my shipping cost?

A: Shipping costs can be an expensive part of doing business in any industry, however, the car wash industry seems to compound the cost. In fact, if you’re not a planner, shipping costs can eat an enormous hole in your wallet. As a rule, owners/operators should always look to consolidate their orders from Kleen-Rite to minimize the cost. Better yet, look to take advantage of our free shipping offers, like our Kleen-Scene offer.

Here’s an example. One 50-pound package shipped UPS produces a 30 percent savings over shipping two separate packages, netting an $8.92 savings.

Shipping Example 1

When it comes to shipping items via small package, these savings (although seemingly small) add up over time. However, when you consolidate LTL freight shipments, the savings is more visible. As the following example shows, by consolidating three 500-pound shipments into one 1500-pound shipment, the customer was able to save 22% or $109.03 on their freight shipping expense.

Shipping Example 2

Why consolidate?

Consolidating orders can provide additional benefits and savings to both the shipper and receiver (customer) of small package and LTL freight shipments, including:

  • Reduce excessive shipping expenses
  • Less time needed to receive, handle, and process order by Kleen-Rite and Customer
  • Fuel efficiency (better for the environment)

One strategy for shipment consolidation is to map out your year with a Kleen-Rite calendar. Plan your major vending, chemical, and equipment purchases around our free shipping offers and shows. If you have multiple locations in proximity, advise your employees to take inventory from all sites prior to ordering. Most important, make your list and check it twice prior to calling us with an order. Too often, we take calls from customers who forgot one or two items that are needed and request us to add them to existing orders.

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