Show Customers Your Wash Is Safe: Top COVID-19 Car Wash Essentials

It is now over a year into a precarious time in history. A global pandemic has shut down most of the world multiple times throughout 2020. Vaccines are currently being administered as cases are also beginning to fall. Many states have begun lifting restrictions, allowing more and more of the economy not deemed essential to reopen. In the car wash industry, most of us have been lucky.

Car washes are considered an essential industry that permits us to remain open. However, that does not mean it is business as usual. We have to follow guidelines and restrictions prescribed by the CDC and State Health Departments to conduct business safely. Even with these guidelines, you want to be sure your customers feel safe returning to your car wash. Lucky for you, we created this short guide to help you show customers your wash is safe.

Sanitizers Are Crucial

Sanitation of frequently touched surfaces is of the utmost importance. Many people believe COVID-19 spreads on frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, credit card machines, and service selection dials found in self-serve bays. Sanitize surfaces with an EPA-approved disinfectant for use against COVID-19. Disinfect a large number of surfaces efficiently by utilizing a hand sprayer or a large foaming unit to administer disinfectants from bulk containers of product.

Provide stations with hand sanitizer dispensers so customers can sanitize their hands after using frequently touched objects such as foaming brushes, self-serve guns, and vacuum hoses, etc. When you need to refill those hand sanitizer stations, we have liquid hand sanitizer you can order in large quantities. Provide wipes in vending machines and price them on the cheaper side, enabling easy access for your customers.

Offer services that involve disinfecting customer vehicles. Sanitizing vehicle interiors is a service that is easily added to your car wash and detailing packages. Purchase a sprayer and any bulk disinfectant and you are ready to go. Another way to generate extra revenue is to add a self-service standalone mist sanitizer station. Customers will love the ability to disinfect the interiors of their cars themselves without the worry of another person entering their vehicle during the pandemic. Check out our sanitization checklist too!

KN95 Protective Masks

PPE is Essential

Use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masksgloves, face shields, and plexiglass dividers to protect your employees and customers from COVID-19. The CDC “recommends that people wear masks in public settings, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people” doing so helps curb the rate of infection. Many states have mask mandates which all have various requirements for both businesses and the public. Make a mask policy for both your customers and employees, double-check the mandates in your state to be sure you comply. Masks are an example of a visual cue to show customers your wash is safe.

Issue gloves to employees who want them and encourage them to dispose of the gloves once used. Keep a steady supply of both gloves and masks on hand as you will burn through both regularly. Face shields are another protection option you can offer your employees.

Add Touch-Free Payment Options

Large Banner Advertising Touch-Free Payments

With the fear that COVID-19 transmits on surfaces still in people’s minds, it is more crucial than ever to offer contactless payment options. Many contactless options were emerging before the pandemic arose. Some touch-free payment options include RFID Chips on Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay through smartphone phone apps. Most devices that accept contactless payments would never survive a car wash environment.

Show your wash is safe by offering the ability to pay contact-free. We sell a contactless payment device for car washes named CryptoTap. CryptoTap was created to adapt to a world that desires more contactless payment options. It is a true “plug and play” device. Once installed, CryptoTap pairs with your existing CryptoPay network and you are ready to begin accepting contactless payment.

CrptoTap is new and only released during Fall of 2021, which means people will be unaware that you offer contactless payment options. Don’t worry, we have a large banner that tells customers you have no touch payment options. We sell a sign to display in each bay that is equipped with touch-free payments.

Communicate Your COVID-19 Policy

With all the uncertainty out there about COVID-19, customers will want to be sure the places they visit are safe. You can show them your business is safe by placing signs around your wash with your COVID policies on them such as social distancing recommendations and a mask policy. Another tactic you can use is to post a detailed COVID-19 policy on social media. Customers will feel safer knowing about your operating procedures during the pandemic. Additionally, you can update regularly on social media as circumstances change. Give customers peace of mind when they visit your car wash!

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