CryptoPay Announces: CryptoTap, The New Contactless Payment Option for Car Washes

pay station with cryptotap installed

For years, paying with credit or debit card has increased steadily in the self-serve car wash market. New forms of cashless payment such as mobile wallets and contactless credit/debit cards are set to dramatically increase this trend. These new cashless payments (commonly referred to as ‘Tap and Pay’) are how an increasing number of people are choosing to pay for goods and services.  Why?  Because it’s easy and convenient. Additionally, with coronavirus concerns and the emphasis on no-touch transactions, this form of payment is being adopted by a growing number of consumers, many of whom would not normally rush into new technology. To serve car wash operators, CryptoPay is introducing CryptoTap, a new ‘Tap and Pay’ device for the self-serve car wash.

What is Tap and Pay?

‘Tap and Pay’ simply means making a cashless transaction with your phone or contactless credit card at a terminal that accepts them. Even though the customer does not insert the credit card (dip the card), these transactions are considered an EMV ‘chip card’ transaction. Apple Pay and Android Pay, along with contactless credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted. Even though magstripe transactions are going to stick around for years, the new types of no-contact payment offer great advantages to both car wash customers and car wash operators.

Advantages of CryptoTap Tap and Pay

cryptotap device

CryptoTap offers a clean, no-touch interface. The simple, square puck reader of CryptoTap is easy to clean and disinfect. Customers do not handle cash, quarters, or tokens; neither does the car wash operator or attendants. CryptoTap also offers customers more payment type options. Along with increased payment options, the system is designed for speed. Contactless transactions are fast and simple.  Customers do not need to orientate a card correctly to swipe or insert the card. Just hold the card or phone next to the CryptoTap device and the payment is made in seconds!

CryptoPay Retrofit Kits are Perfect for CryptoTap

Speaking of speed – On a busy day, car wash operators know how important is it to get customers through an in-bay automatic paystation quickly. For this reason, CryptoTap is a perfect addition to automated paystations with CryptoPay Retrofit Kits. CryptoTap adds on to the existing CryptoPay Retrofit Kit and teams up with the CryptoPay swiper to offer a new way for customers to pay. Also, when customers pay with their phone or the new ‘Tap and Pay’ cards, CryptoTap transactions are now processed as EMV ‘chip card’ transactions. The CryptoTap reader is the perfect way to add a competitive advantage to the in-bay automatic car wash experience.

CryptoTap is Brought to You by a Trusted Name in Cashless Payments for the Self-Serve Car Wash Market

easy installation of cryptopay

For years, CryptoPay has provided the most cost effective, secure, and simple credit and debit card acceptance to car washes. CryptoPay’s design philosophy has always been about being cost-effective. That’s why the CryptoTap reader is made to complement existing CryptoPay swipers – no need to remove any existing equipment. The CryptoTap reader connects to the CryptoPay network – a true ‘plug and play’ device.

The CryptoTap reader was developed by CryptoPay in partnership with Magtek. This the same partnership that makes Cryptopay the most secure credit card system in the self-serve car wash industry. Just like CryptoPay, which is well known for its simplicity, CryptoTap is very easy to install. Just mount CryptoTap next to a CryptoPay Swiper that is paired with a CryptoPay Coordinator, connect two wires for 24 volt power, and pair it to the swiper on the MyCryptoPay Portal.  You have just added a new way for your customers to pay.  Add a truly competitive advantage to your car wash by adding CryptoTap.

CryptoTap Contactless Payment Advertising Now Available!

Don’t forget, Kleen-Rite also sells both a 12″ x 12″ sign and a 3′ x 8′ banner! Make sure your customers are aware that you’re offering a new payment option at your car wash. You might even attract some new customers!

This article was written by Tom McCormick and originally appeared in the Kleen-Scene magazine. Edited and prepared for the web by Kleen-Rite.

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