Dosatron Modular Low-Pressure Systems

Over the past 30 years, Dosatron International has been fortunate to develop a respected brand within the carwash community around the world. Used by many of the Top 50 carwashes in the United States, Dosatron’s simple, dependable, and consistent performance allows operators to focus on what’s important—making new customers and keeping them!

Because of Dosatron’s great performance, carwash owners call us the “set it and forget it” injector!

As we strive to continue providing superior equipment and service, we are proud to introduce the NEW Dosatron Modular Low-Pressure System!

How Does the Dosatron Modular Low-Pressure System Work?

Dosatron injectors work using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow.

For example, your customer enters Bay #1 and turns on the presoak. The #1 solenoid in the manifold served by the Presoak Dosatron opens, and water flows, driving the Dosatron piston and plunger up and down. The syringe-like action draws and mixes concentrate into the flowing water and dispenses it directly out to Bay #1. A second customer enters Bay #2 and also turns on the presoak. Now the flow demand has doubled, so the Dosatron automatically strokes twice as fast proportionally maintaining the proper mixture of chemical to water. It’s that simple!

How Do I Get One?

The NEW Dosatron Modular Low-Pressure System is available through Kleen-Rite, making ordering and installation a snap!

  1. Select which dilution range best fits your chemical from the three systems in the chart below.
  2. Determine how many solenoids you’ll need in your manifold and voltage (i.e., 4 bays 4 solenoids).
  3. Determine if you’ll need an air manifold to foam the chemical.
  4. Place your order!

Your NEW low-pressure system will arrive completely assembled and ready to mount. Next, bring your water supply to the filter inlet, move the power wires from the old solenoids to the new ones, move the bay chemical supply lines from the old solenoids to the new ones, and you’re ready to wash!
Want to add a second system? It’s easy, mount it alongside the first and repeat the same installation procedure!

Remember, your NEW Dosatron Modular Low-Pressure System:

  • Doesn’t need electricity to operate, it’s powered by water flow
  • Eliminates Venturi premix tanks, saving space
  • Eliminates the need for air diaphragm pumps. Lower air compressor use = lower electricity cost!
  • Gets rid of messy Venturi metering tips and their clogging headaches

Is Your City Water Pressure Poor?

Ask Kleen-Rite about the economical DAB 2HP Mini Water Booster Pump. This digital electronically controlled pump will boost your incoming city water pressure up to 115 PSI with a maximum flow of 32 GPM.

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motor speeds up and slows down automatically based on demand, providing the most economical use of electricity.

Use the DAB pump to supply consistent water pressure to the Dosatron Low-Pressure System, and you have all your bases covered! Perfect chemical dilution applied at the same pressure for every car!


Call Kleen-Rite or the carwash specialists at Dosatron!

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Lori Donnell

Jason Maddox

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