Exceptional Car Wash Soap Scents

Equipping your bays with scented car wash soap provides a delightful car wash experience! Delivering a squeaky-clean car is your top priority, but combining it with an overall pleasant experience creates repeat customers.  As an owner, you may have some apprehension choosing a soap scent. We’ve got you covered with this list of popular foam and soap scents to use in your self-serve bays, in-bay automatics, and tunnel washes.

Cherry Scented Car Wash Detergent

Cherry Scented – Kleen-Rite Cherry Blossom Foamy Brush Car Wash Detergent 

Cherry Blossom Foamy Brush Detergent is currently our top-selling foaming brush detergent. Upon application, this scented car wash soap will emit an aroma resembling the smell of freshly picked cherries. Cherry Blossom produces thick pink foam. Furthermore, it’s high-sudsing formula attacks road dirt build-up on painted surfaces while remaining safe for clear coat surfaces when properly diluted.

Bubble Scented Foam Brush Soap

Bubble Gum – Simoniz Bubble Burst Foam Brush Detergent Concentrate

Next, we have a car wash soap scents that mimics the smell of bubble gum. This detergent is ideal for use in foam brush applications. Produces a hot pink-colored foam that emits a sweet bubble gum aroma. This product is part of the Tropical Bay line from Simoniz.

Vanilla Scented High-Pressure Foaming Soap

Vanilla Scented – Kleen-Rite Vanilla Cream High-Pressure Car Wash Soap

Anytime you want ice cream, there is one staple flavor every parlor serves: vanilla. Vanilla is also popular in a variety of scented products like air fresheners, candles, essential oils and of course car wash soap.

Kleen-Rite Vanilla Cream Soap a white foam that removes tough road dirt build-up. This high-pressure foaming soap exudes a rich creamy vanilla scent and is ideal with high-pressure guns found in self-serve bays.

Grape Scented Car Wash Presoak

Grape – Simoniz Purple Passion Presoak Concentrate

Another exceptional scented product is a presoak from Simoniz that smells like fresh grapes plucked from the vine. Apply this concentrate during low-pressure or high-pressure self-serve bays applications. This presoak is part of both the Hyper Pak and Tropical Bay lines offered by Simoniz.

Orange Scented High-Pressure Spray Gun Foam

Orange Scented – Kleen-Rite Orange Creme High-Pressure Soap

Nothing tastes better than an orange creamsicle during a warm summer day. Well, if you happen to have a fancy for citrus scents, then our Orange Creme High-Pressure Soap is for you. Upon application, this soap produces a high-lubricity foam that releases a citrus scent reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. Use with a high-pressure spray gun.

Lemon Scented White Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Lemon – JBS Mighty White Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Up next, we have a foaming white wheel and tire cleaner from JBS Industries with the scent of freshly squeezed lemons. During application, the soap produces a green-tinted foam that radiates a lemon fragrance. This product cleans both black and whitewall tires.

Seasonal Themed Scents to Spice It Up

Besides your usual scents, we offer unique aromas that can be swapped in and out of your chemical rotation.

Peach Scented Sealant
Pina Colada Scented Sealant

Great Spring and Summer Scents

We have options for the summer months. The first is Summer Breeze, a presoak resembling the smell of summer rain. Just Peachy Beading Sealant emits a fruity peach scent that customers will love during the warmer months. For people with a more sophisticated palate, try Deep Blue Foaming Shine Sealant; it produces a pina colada aroma.

Summer Rain Scented Car Wash Soap
Spearmint Scented Wheel and Tire Cleaner
Pine Scented All Purpose Cleaner

Holiday Scents

When the Christmas Season arrives, we offer Kleen White Tire/Wheel Cleaner. This cleaner emits a spearmint fragrance. Another festive option is Pine Kleen, an all-purpose cleaner formulated with a pine scent encouraging your customers to embrace the holiday spirit.

Selecting car wash foams and soaps is easy! Any of our products holding the top seller badge are sure to please. Also, listen to customer feedback to hear which scents they love. In the end, the goal is to provide both a clean car AND an exceptional experience!

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