How Do I Retrofit My New Dosatron Modular Low-Pressure System?

So, you’ve done your research and asked your questions. After years of using that old venturi, tank, and air diaphragm pump you have decided to go all in and ordered your brand new Dosatron Low Pressure system from Kleen Rite!  Your only question is, What do I do now, how do I install this beauty? I am here today to tell you it’s okay to exhale. Retrofitting from your venturi system to the Dosatron is a breeze!

First, look for a place in your equipment room to mount the 24” wide by 17” high panel system to the wall. Ideally, you might remove your existing venturi, tank, and air pump to free space for the new system.

If you ordered your new system complete with new solenoid manifolds, mark each chemical line with the bay number it serves before disconnecting the lines. This makes it easy when reconnecting to the new solenoids. The same applies to the two wires on each solenoid. If your re-using your existing solenoid manifold, leave the chemical and air lines in place along with the two wires to each solenoid.

Next, mount the panel to the wall using concrete, masonry, or other appropriate hardware.

With the new panel securely mounted, attach the water line removed from the venturi to the water filter inlet on the new panel.

If Using Existing Solenoid Manifolds

Connect a mixed chemical line from the Dosatron discharge to the manifold inlet. Connect the concentrate suction line to the bottom of the Dosatron and place it in the concentrate container. Adjust your Dosatron to the desired dilution ratio shown on the stem.  Your retrofit is now complete!

If Using New Solenoids

If you’re using new solenoids you purchased from Dosatron, the Dosatron mixed chemical line will already be connected to the mixed chemical manifold. Using the bay numbers you previously marked, install the bay chemical lines on the appropriate new solenoids. Do the same with the air lines for foam brush or other foaming chemicals. Last, connect the two wires to each of the appropriate new bay solenoids. As in the previous scenario, adjust your Dosatron to the desired dilution ratio and start washing cars!!

I hope this explanation on how to retrofit your new Dosatron system was helpful! Please do not hesitate to email or call me for help or with questions!

Craig Peterson – Dosatron Regional Manager

(847) 612-5226

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