Hydro Systems Kitchen Dispensing and Warewash Equipment

Streamline Dispensing Unit

Did you know that Hydro Systems offers innovative kitchen dispensing and warewash solutions? A well-equipped commercial kitchen or restaurant needs more than pots, pans and burners. Successful food service establishments also need equipment for reliable dish washing and warewashing. Don’t forget drain dosers and general surface sanitizing options! Hydro Systems has easy to use and flexible dispensing solutions to cover tough cleaning jobs in food prep spaces. Let’s explore some of the best dispensing equipment they have for this market.

Hydro’s kitchen dispensing and warewash dispensing units provide economical ways to accurately dose chemicals into commercial sinks and automatic dishwashers. This allows for proper cleaning and sanitization of cooking tools, flatware and other serving pieces. Keep your patrons happy and your image untarnished. Nobody likes finding leftover food or smears on plates or drinking glasses!

Automatic Warewashing

Sprite Kitchen Dispensing Unit

As you know, the most important function of your automatic glassware or dish washer is to kill germs. Next you want to be sure your ware is flawlessly clean to the eye! It is equally important to ensure proper sanitizers and concentrations are used in your system. Kleen-Rite offers several Sprite DM warewash dispensing models to dose 2 or 3 products into your automatic dishwashing system. These units measure precise ratios of chemicals ensuring efficiency and proper dilutions for perfect results. Sprite units, like the DM-420, are not only versatile, but they have a small footprint so they don’t get in your way. Simply choose the model to suit your needs

The DM-420 model is a 2 product dispenser with pumps for 2 separate chemicals. This kitchen dispensing unit comes standard with a rack counter and a unique “De-Lime” mode that allows for safe washer cleaning without detergent waste. With a full range of programming options including rinse delay, variable alarm volume, and manual prime for rinse and detergent and more, this unit is versatile and cost effective. Digital electronics maintain accurate detergent control and minimize overuse, and they’re all enclosed in a powerful, compact package. In addition, step by step installation instructions and simple, 3-button programming have you up and running in no time.

Manual Dishwashing


Many restaurants and larger commercial food service facilities do not have industrial dish washing machines. In this case establishments must create effective manual dish washing solutions. Hand-washing may seem like a simple task, but sanitation regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of consumers. Hydro Systems has dispensing units for three-compartment commercial sinks to help you perfectly fill and dose to wash, rinse and sanitize your ware.

The SinkMaster 883, for example, incorporates AccuPro technology in order to keep detergent and sanitizer dilutions accurate. The SinkMaster’s rugged stainless steel construction lives up to the same aesthetic and hygenic standards as other commercial equipment. An ultra-lean metering tip facilitates the highly concentrated chemical detergents and sanitizers on the market today. SinkMaster units are available for dispensing one or 2 products. These machines allow you to fill large sinks with the easy twist of a ball valve. Moreover, each fill contains the properly diluted solution of detergent or sanitizer you need without wasting product, time and labor.

General Cleaning Dispensers


Hydro Systems has dosing solutions to keep surfaces in prep areas sanitary, too. Remember, a clean kitchen is essential for food safety! Immediately dispense precise dilutions into spray bottles, buckets and on to scrubbers so you can clean and sanitize from floor to ceiling! Each model in the AccuMax line is durable and versatile, with impeccably consistant dilutions for all of your surface cleaning needs. In kitchen applications, these easy to use and maintain venturi dispensers should be mounted on an open wall space for easy access. Use the AccuMax to fill vessels with floor cleaners, glass cleaners, and all purpose sanitizing products to cover all your surfaces

Accumax models are available for dispensing 1, 2 or 3 products. They feature E-Gap or AirGap eductors to provide backflow protection. Flow rates range from 1 to 5 GPM depending on the model you choose.

In addition, Hydro Systems also offers stainless steel Streamline dispensers to provide automatic dilutions. These incredibly durable units produce consistant and accurate chemical solutions with the touch of a button. They’re engineered for a wide variety of industrial applications. Solutions dispensed through the Streamline Series are automatically diluted to the proportion called for by the concentrate manufacturer. As a result, you save time and labor costs with reduced prep efforts manually mixing janitorial fluids. These expandable cabinets come in 1, 2, 3, and 4 button models and are environmentally friendly.

Drain Dosing

AutoDose Kitchen Dispenser

Finally, select Hydro Systems units exist to keep drains and grease traps odor and build-up free. Drain dosing ensures your rinse water keeps flowing through clear drain openings and pipes. AutoDose automatic dispensing systems are ideal for this task. Using the flexible programming capabilities of the AutoDose, you can provide consistant stream of maintenance chemicals to drains and similar areas. Prevent blockages that may occur in the event that residue accumulates!

This peristaltic pumping dispenser runs automatically at preset programmed times as with an electronic timer control. The prescribed amount of chemical is applied in the same fashion each time, so that grease and other residue don’t get a chance to stick. This takes the guess work out of maintenance, and prevents big, costly problems down the line. During normal operation, the incorporated timer runs on the same power source as the pump, simplifying system maintenance. Several AutoDose models are available with different power supply and mounting options to suit your needs.

Let Kleen-Rite be your source for kitchen dispensing equipment! Our sales team works closely with Hydro-Systems to provide you with the solutions you need in food service, janitorial, sanitation and more! They’re just a chat or a call away to address any technical questions you have.