Meguiar’s Professional Car Care: Best Auto Detailing Products


Anyone in the detailing or car care business has heard or worked with Meguiar’s Professional car care products. Meguiar’s professional line has been a staple in the industry for a very long time. Despite their subtle, understated labels and packaging, Meguiar’s is magic. The formulas inside have gained and maintained a much deserved reputation for reliability and excellent results. Their professional grade product lines are formulated for quick and efficient performance, and many of them are sold in concentrated form in large 1 gallon jugs. This allows for dilution to your desired strength. As a professional detailer, this saves you money! These professional grade products are safe and easy to use, whether you’re simply a car enthusiast or a savvy entrepreneur.

The Meguiar’s line-up continues to grow, and their new products are sure to perform as well as the classics. With products to pamper virtually every surface of a vehicle, you have plenty to choose from. So, let’s look closer at some of the very best Meguiar’s Professional car care products to see what they can do for you. We’ll look at the following categories:

Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam

Concentrated Wash Formulas and Wheel Cleaners

As you know, the first step to perfect detailing is a thorough wash from top to bottom. Meguiar’s Detailer line offers several options. Their hyper-concentrated Hyper-Wash is a key performer ideal for metering systems and foam cannons, producing rich, luxurious foam. Stand-bys are the ever reliable, Rinse-Free Express Wash & Wax, as well as Shampoo Plus with boosted conditioning and quick-rinse Super Soap to help you speed through busy days. Use Citrus Blast Wash & Wax for a high gloss carnauba wax finish and amazing aromas. Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam is the latest addition to the line-up, producing a relentless extreme thick foam with hyper-lubricity. Engineered for quick and efficient cleaning, these formulas are all body shop safe.

Meguiar's Professional Car Care Wheel Brightener

Constantly barraged with greasy road filth and break dust, wheels and tires get grimy on a different level. Both Detailer Professional Non-Acid Wheel and Tire Cleaner and Wheel Brightener (for clear-coated painted and chrome) are great for removing brake dust and build up. Add extra punch to your cleaning arsenal with their Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner, engineered specifically for increasingly popular black wheel finishes.

To prep wheels and paint for next level detailing results, Meguiar’s has introduced Wheel & Paint Iron Decon. This pH balanced fluid is designed to remove the tiny iron particles that become lodged in paint and wheel surfaces as they are sloughed off of brake pads and rails. Many bonded contaminants like iron have corrosive properties. If not removed, these substances can do real damage to paint over time.  Iron particles in particular can lead to rust developing underneath the paint, which deteriorates more than just the finish. Iron Decon ensures a more complete particle removal than if you use a clay bar alone in your paint correction regimen.

Auto Surface Cleaners & Degreasers

Meguiar’s has you covered with a variety of targeted cleaning solutions for the non-painted surfaces you need to clean before conditioning, too. The Detailer line offers both an All-Purpose and a Citrus Power Cleaner Plus, primarily for interior surfaces including upholstery and plastics. Their Super Degreaser and Heavy-Duty Vinyl and Rubber Cleaners help to remove the toughest grease, grime and residue from areas like bumpers, molding and vinyl tops. Once every surface is cleaned and prepped, the vehicle is ready for conditioning, polish and shine!

Meguiar’s Professional Car Care Polishes & Compounds

Mildly abrasive polishing compounds remove imperfections including swirls, sanding marks, oxidation, stains, etching and water spots of varying degrees. Though some may be applied by hand, compounds are usually applied with rotary polishers. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze polishes and compounds are used by car manufacturers, car dealers, body shops, and detailers worldwide. But, the Mirror Glaze line is not new to the market. In fact, most of this line’s formulas are the same classic, tried and true products used for decades by experts. However, they’re also easy to use for consumers who spend a lot of time working on that perfect show-car shine.

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze line has all of the products necessary to restore and maintain that “like-new” look to a vehicle. The Mirror Glaze family is a system of products to remove defects and restore gloss and reflection. Each of these products is rated by their aggression level on a scale from 1-12, helping you to customize your approach to each vehicle and maximize results. One-Step Ultra Polishing Wax is also available for lighter jobs not needing a multi-step process. This time-saver is great for cleaning and light defect removal using super-micro abrasive technology.

Finally, the polish you choose will deliver deep surface shine. Polishes provide that wet-looking, glossy gleam. A perfect, smooth surface ready will be ready to seal with a protective finish.

Exterior Waxes, Coatings & Sealants

No detailing job is complete unless that high gloss sheen is sealed and shielded from environmental elements to keep it looking its best. Traditional carnauba wax-based products offer excellent shine and defense. Whether they incorporate pure carnauba as a solid or liquid, or synthetic formulas blended with polymers and silicone, results never fail to please. However, hi-tech coatings and sealants are really propelling the detailing industry forward. These advanced formulations provide even longer protection, better durability and superior water beading capabilities. Ceramic sealants and hybrid ceramic coatings actually bond with the paint, so any contaminant that works to penetrate the surface has to break through that ceramic layer, too.

Meguiar’s Professional Car Care for Interiors

Expert auto detailers are well-acquainted with problematic interiors and the challenges of making some vehicle cabins look like new. Meguiar’s knows too. They’ve developed products to tackle the WORST of dirty interiors. Since materials inside a car vary as much as the stains and odors they can be plagued with, Meguiar’s has solutions to make pristine clean attainable.

Carpet and Fabric Upholstery

Mytee Carpet Extractor

Upholstery and various stains that penetrate soft materials present a particular challenge for detailers. Whether or not you know what the stains are, Meguiar’s professional stain removal products can banish them. Detailer Series All-Purpose Cleaner and Citrus Power Cleaner Plus are both safe and very effective for interior cleaning and safe for extractors. These are great for all over cleaning, leaving carpets and fibers clean, soft and pleasantly scented. Several new, specialized PRO cleaners are also coming into the market to target tough stains at their core.

Leather, Vinyl & Rubber Surface Cleaners

Luxurious leather seats need a special touch, and the Detailer Series Leather Care line has it. Their Leather Cleaner & Conditioner enhances the look and feel of leather surfaces. Conditioning agents gently clean and restore it’s supple texture. Leather Cleaner is a fast-acting version for busy shops. The formula is gentle yet tough enough to remove tough stains in a hurry.

Detailers depend on a line-up of products for other surfaces in the interior of vehicles, the ultimate goal is to see that showroom shine on every inch. A dusty dashboard or a crusty console are light work for Mirror Glaze Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner, Plastic and Vinyl Coating or Meguiar’s Hyper-Dressing. Wipe away grime and leave hard surfaces not only gleaming with a natural sheen, but also protected.

Meguiar’s Professional lines of high performance detailing products have been staples used by experts for decades, and they should be part of your detailing regime, too, if they’re not already! They continue to innovate and expand product lines each year, adding new and technologically advanced formulas to complement and refine already established products. Kleen-Rite continues to expand our offering of Meguiar’s products as well, so be sure to watch for new and exciting additions when you shop for your detailing establishment. We’ll be exploring more Meguiar’s products for retail/consumer in a future blog.

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