New! Kleen-Cut Pre-Soak & Booster Technology by Kleen-Rite

Kleen-Rite is proud to introduce a New! Kleen-Cut Pre-Soak Technology that outperforms conventional Touch-Free cleaning science on the market today. This new chemistry incorporates special polymer solvents and smart surfactant technology. This combination delivers a superior cleaning result in all types of modern touch-free car wash machines. Above all, this new proprietary technology delivers superior cleaning even in hard water market conditions.

Kleen-Cut High pH Pre-Soak

Purple liquid presoak with a high pH alkaline and solvent blend.

Alkaline polymer-based presoak with unique solvents.

Use as a standalone presoak or along with the Kleen-Cut Presoak Booster to enhance the cleaning ability.

Sold in 5 gallon, 30 gallon, and 55 gallon amounts.

Kleen-Cut Booster

Clear, colorless liquid

This Booster Formula is half of the two-product pre-soak process known as Kleen-Cut.

This alkaline booster can be added through dual injection with the Kleen-Cut Presoak or other high pH products.

Sold in 5 gallon containers.

Do you have seasonal cleaning challenges?

Sometimes there simply are cleaning conditions during certain times of year that make it difficult to produce the Touch-Free cleaning results car wash customers are looking for – this can get frustrating. But there are ways to drive higher titration levels to produce even better Touch-Free cleaning results even when cleaning conditions get tough in your market.

This amazing New! Cleaning science dual-injects a very safe, powerful alkaline cleaning Booster formula to mix with the base Kleen-Cut alkaline pre-soak and delivers even better cleaning results. By using a dual injector, the car wash operator incorporates more powerful titrations to deliver a stronger, more effective cleaning formula out to the bay and simply get cars clean! How cool is that?

It’s simple – just pick up the Kleen-Cut Pre-Soak, Kleen-Cut Booster, and a dual injector of your choice to clean cars better than you ever have before! You can experiment with delivering various cleaning ratios and combinations that work in your climate conditions. For instance, start with a 50/50 Pre-Soak/Booster ratio. From there, fine tune for the right ratios of this cleaning science to achieve a clean to your customer’s satisfaction.

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