Pop Up the Savings with Doctor Joe Pop-Up Towels!

Trying to find a balance between cost and quality with the towels you provide at your wash can be tough. In addition, you face the issue of how to store and dispense those towels. Doctor Joe’s Pop-Up towels offer solutions to both of those problems. An effective prescription from the doctor himself! The Pop-Up Towels are essential for any car wash operator who wants to add more value to their customers car washing experience. Doctor Joe Pop-Up Towels are a smart option to have at your car wash because they are affordable, durable for the price point, and packaged in a convenient dispenser box!

What’s Special about Doctor Joe’s Pop-Up Towels?

Take a closer look at these towels and you’ll keep finding benefits. The towels have sonic-sealed edges, which means no fraying. They have their own dispenser box that eliminates having to put them in vending machines or having them out loose. They are positively charged, allowing them to attract dust and grime better than most towels.

Towel Details

White Smart Rags in Convenient Dispenser Box
  • Sonic-sealed edges (no fraying)
  • Lint free and absorbent
  • 12”x12”
  • Dispenser box
  • 180 GSM
  • Perfect for “high loss” areas
  • 6 color options (blue, green, yellow, red, white, black)
  • Positively charged, allowing them to attract dust better
  • Can be used for: polishing, finishing, general contractor tasks
  • Can be used on: glass, metal, wood, ceramics, paint
  • Also great as a shop towel for auto detailing shops and garages

Use as Courtesy Towels

The Pop-Up Towels can be used as courtesy towels for your car wash customers. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of courtesy towels, or haven’t tried them at your car wash, we highly recommend it. It’s a simple concept of either giving customers a towel that they can have for free, or having towels readily available that customers use and return when done with them. The Pop-Up Towels are economical enough to be given away (and not a huge loss if one is stolen), yet also strong enough to withstand washing and reuse.

Sanitary and Reusable

Red Smart Rags in Convenient Dispenser Box

Cleanliness and maintaining a sanitary environment have always been important, but now it’s absolutely crucial with virus safety and sanitizing. Doctor Joe Pop-Up Towels will fit right in with your new cleaning practices.

Since the towels just pop-up from a dispenser box, it allows access for everyone without any concern of passing germs around. This provides sanitation and safety for not just you but your customers as well. When the towels become dirty you can simply rewash and sanitize them, then put them right back into the dispenser box. These already affordable towels can save you even more money when reused and sanitized.

Reusing is also better for the environment and your bottom line because you’re not constantly throwing away disposable towels.

Quality and Convenience at a Reasonable Price

A question may have already crossed your mind: “Are these towels really able to be used for commercial applications at that price?” We truly believe so and the good doctor does too! They are economical and durable. They are great as courtesy towels and are perfect for areas where losing product is frequent. Between the sonic-sealed edges, dispenser box, and grabbing ability, they’ll meet your performance needs. At such a low price, you can buy a box to test out with your customers without putting a huge dent in your wallet!

Check out our YouTube video about these towels!

Call us at (800) 233-3873 or visit our website at Kleen-ritecorp.com to place your order today.

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