Product Launch: Kleen-Rite EZ-Grate

Kleen-Rite prides itself on being closely involved with the car wash industry and finding simple but effective solutions for owners –because we are car wash owners too! EZ-Grate is a perfect example of an uncomplicated but very useful solution. Grating for tunnels and bays is known to be heavy, awkward, and even dangerous at times and is eliminated using our new grating.

Benefits of Fiberglass Grates

Fiberglass grating is already an improvement over old metal grating, offering excellent corrosion resistance, a no-slip grip top surface, reduced weight, and no risk of theft for scrapping. EZ-Grate boasts all of those advantages, but adds even more convenience!

Moving a large drainage pit grate with a team of 4.
EZ Grate does not require a team of people to move!

EZ Maneuverability

EZ-Grate is a reduced-size fiberglass grating option in 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 3’ sizes. Previously, the smallest fiberglass grating size we offered was 4’ x 8’. The smaller size means it’s much more manageable for one or two people to move around (and safer). That means you don’t have to find three or four people to assist, and you can avoid using a forklift or skid loader. You’ll be thankful for that when you go to clean your pits!

EZ Storage and Shipping

The trimmed dimensions also mean that the sections can be stacked, creating a smaller footprint when shipping. Streamlining shipping and reducing logistical costs is crucial to running a successful business these days.


EZ-Grate allows for easier shape customization without cutting. Also, if a piece becomes damaged, you can replace the small section rather than replacing a huge piece!

Currently available in gray, with a bold yellow option coming soon! Call 1-800-233-3873 or visit today to place an order today!

Visit the Kleen-Rite YouTube channel today to see our new video about EZ-Grate, featuring Billy Sprays! And don’t forget to subscribe!

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