Rev Up Profits with a Motorcycle Wash

Stainless steel drive-on bike platform with a hydraulic lift and safety restraints.

Are you looking to boost your profits and increase the amount of people who regularly visit your car wash? Motorcycle owners are just as meticulous as owners of new vehicles are when maintaining their vehicles. Add a motorcycle wash to your business to attract a whole new segment of customers.

Motorcycle Wash Lift Requirements

You will need bay with at least an eight-foot by twelve-foot area for customers to comfortably use this service. Invest in a drive-on stainless steel platform. The platform features a lift to raise the motorcycle to a height that is comfortable for the owner to comfortably clean their bike. This system requires a one-hundred and nine inch long by thirty-seven inch wide and a pit that is twenty-eight-inches deep for the hydraulic system. A six-inch drain is essential to remove liquid run off.

Dirt bike owners need to clean their vehicles too!

Lift Features That Hold The Bike In Place

The lift system has protective measures, including chock locks to stabilize the front wheel and safety straps that secure the handlebars during the cleaning process. That way the bike is in a stable position and won’t move during the wash process. Securing the motorcycle creates a safe environment for both your customers and their prized bikes.

Using The Motorcycle Wash Bay

Customize coin box rotary switches with this motorcycle wash themed decal.

The process of using a motorcycle wash mimics a self-serve bay. The customer simply purchases time at the coin box in the motorcycle bay. Once the minimum payment threshold is reached the platform raises. The height is selected by your customer so they can wash their bike with ease.

Customers have ten functions to select from, including presoak, high-pressure soap, and clear coat protectant. A high-speed dryer unit quickly removes leftover water. Tire and wheel cleaner is available for customers to select to shine their bike’s tires. Once finished, the platform lowers. The customer can then remove the safety restraints from the bike and ride away on their shiny motorcycle away.

If you are the only wash in your area with a motorcycle lift it will differentiate you from everyone else causing motorcycle owners to flock to your wash. Adding a motorcycle bay with a hydraulic platform is a significant investment, but has the potential to provide a large stream of additional revenue at your car wash!

Updated March 15th, 2022 by Joe Herr.

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