Shurflo Pump

Here are some tips on trouble shooting your Shurflo pump while most of these tips apply to the Shurflo 12 volt & 24 volt diaphragm pumps some these trouble shooting questions apply to other Shurflo pumps types as well.

  1. If the pump is leaking at the pump housing and motor the main diaphragm might need to be replaced from excessive wear.
    ShurFlo pump 2088 Series Standard Demand Pump 3.2 GPM with Cord
    ShurFlo Pump 2088 Series Standard Demand Pump 3.2 GPM with Cord
  2. If your Shurflo pump is cycling on and off and the outlet side of the pump is closed check for leak on both the supply and exit side of the pumps also the pump valves may be contaminated with debris causing and internal leak and the pump will not hold pressure.
  3. Using a pump strainer on the intake side of the pump helps eliminate particles from entering the pump.
  4. One final pump issue that should also be checked should be the pump pressure switch over time these switches do wear out and may cause the pump to run continually.


We carry a full line of Shurflo pumps and Shurflo pump replacement parts if you find that you are in need of parts or a new pump.

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