Understanding How The Various Types of Shurflo Pumps Work

Three Chamber Diaphragm Shurflo Pump

If you’re searching for a versatile pump that has minimal maintenance requirements, then we have many types of Shurflo Pumps. Shurflo is known for constantly implementing the latest developments in pump technology, and it has done so since 1968.

2088 Series Pumps

The Shurflo 2088 series pump is an air-operated diaphragm pump that is ideal for use in low-pressure applications. Great for uses in tire/wheel cleaner and pre-soak chemical systems. Additionally, with the ability to lift water up to 12 feet, it has a wide number of uses both in recreational vehicles and boats.

Dry Run Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are able to run dry indefinitely without causing damage to either the motor or the pump. These pumps don’t require lubrication resulting in fewer breakdowns due to mechanical issues. A great feature is a substantial reduction in the amount of time and expenses spent for maintenance and repair.

Self-Priming Diaphragm Pumps

The 2088 series Shurflo pump is self-priming, is capable of moving up to 2.8 gallons per minute with a built-in check valve preventing backflow. The diaphragm is made using a specialized elastomer, which means it can be used for water or potentially caustic fluids.

Replacement 2088 Series Valve

Air VS. Electric

Shurflo pumps come in both air-operated and more powerful electric models, that are suited for medium to high flow applications. The electric models are available in both alternating current and direct current versions. There are many types of Shurflo Pumps on the market to fit your application needs.

Quick Shurflo Troubleshooting and Repair Tips

  1. If the pump is leaking at the pump housing and motor the main diaphragm might need to be replaced from excessive wear.
  2. If your Shurflo pump is cycling on and off and the outlet side of the pump is closed check for leak on both the supply and exit side of the pumps also the pump valves may be contaminated with debris causing and internal leak and the pump will not hold pressure.
  3. Using a pump strainer on the intake side of the pump helps eliminate particles from entering the pump.
  4. One final pump issue that should also be checked should be the pump pressure switch over time these switches do wear out and may cause the pump to run continually.

With considerably fewer mechanical parts, many types of Shurfo Pumps almost never need repairs. When the need for a replacement part does arise, Kleen-Rite carries the parts you need to keep your Shurflo pump operating.