Simoniz Ceramic Sealant: Car Wash Operator Testimonies

Kleen-Rite began offering Simoniz Ceramic Sealant in fall 2019. This impressive new protectant takes ceramic technology that’s popular in the detailing industry and applies it to the car wash world. Simoniz Ceramic Sealant is most commonly used in automatic tunnels but can also be used in self-serve and touchless applications. Reception has been positive and car wash operators reported that their customers have never been more satisfied with a sealant product of this type!

Simoniz Ceramic Sealant uses a unique molecule combined with a ceramic polymer that creates a chemical bond between the compound and the paint on the vehicles surface. Much like a magnet, this bonding occurs because the sealant has a positive charge while the vehicle surface has a negative charge. The two are attracted to one another and create an incredible layer of protection for the vehicle surface.

We reached out to some of our customers to hear what they had to say about Simoniz Ceramic Sealant. There’s nothing as powerful as customer testimonials from folks who have real experience with the product!

Jay Montpetit Shares His Insight

Car Wash Name: Downtowner Car Wash in Cape Coral, FL

Type of Wash Where Sealant Used: Tunnel Automatic

Setup and Application Details: Montpetit invested in Simoniz Arch Kits for the tunnels where he wanted to add the ceramic sealant. This kit includes a 30-gallon drum of sealant, a Dosatron pump station, and a complete nozzle setup to dispense the product. On the marketing side, the package features an LED-lit arch with water bead, diamond plate, and diamond illustrations, along with SIMONIZ CERAMIC SEALANT in bold block letters. Two Windmaster inserts and two drum covers are also included.

Thoughts from the Operator: Despite being a fairly large investment, Montpetit has been very happy with his purchase. He first became interested in ceramic when he had it hand-applied while his car was getting it detailed and was extremely impressed with it. After seeing the Simoniz version of the product for car washes, he thought it would be a great addition to his facilities. That proved to be true. He says that only three automatic car wash chemicals have truly felt game-changing in his car wash career. Those include: Simoniz Hot Lava, Rain-X, and Simoniz Ceramic Sealant. He loves Simoniz, believes in their products, and knows that customers recognize and trust the name.

Montpetit had some important points about the product. First, he mentioned how it allowed him to add a brand-new package at the top of his offerings.

“It afforded another opportunity for a new package. The top package before was $18, and now we added what we call the ‘Diamond Shield’ for $20. There’s a certain segment –maybe 20%– of customers that will always buy the top package. When you can add $2 more to that top package, it really makes a difference. And you can really see the difference on the vehicle, so customers don’t feel like they’re losing value.”

He spoke about an initial strategy that he used to introduce the Ceramic Sealant at his wash.

“I gave it to employees for a month for free to become familiar with the product and to help them become invested in it. They then talk it up to customers when they’re working, and outside of work they tell friends and family. That all helps get the word out about the product.”

He also pointed out that having the product generated more auto-detailing business. Customers see that the product works, but they know that hand-application will always be more effective than a pass in a tunnel, so they take it to the next level by opting for detailing services that include the product.

That being said, Montpetit did add that one advantage –besides the quickness– of offering ceramic by spray application is that it “helps get behind trim and molding and other spots that would be difficult or impossible to reach when applying by hand.”

Testimony From Chris Prescott

Applying ceramic sealant to a car.

Car Wash Name: Red Bay Car Wash in Sumter, SC

Type of Wash Where Sealant Used: Self-Serve

Setup and Application Details: Prescott uses a Hydrominder with an orange tip (64/1 dilution) and a SA1/8MEG-3206 tip with his spray lances. He’s found thorough application of Ceramic Sealant can be achieved in about thirty seconds if used from the proper distance. He found customers hold the tip too close, approximately five to six inches away and take a minute and a half to apply sealant. He is trying to educate customers to stand back a little bit for fast and effective application.

Thoughts from the Operator: Prescott told us that with his setup and Simoniz Ceramic Sealant, cars show like they are hand-waxed. Customers absolutely love it! Even cars that have a dull finish are improved to an attractive shine after using Ceramic Sealant.

“I’ve tried other silicone waxes. What I’ve noticed is that it will bead off windshields but it doesn’t really bead off of panels. I would have to use blue or green tips to get any kind of result. With this Ceramic Sealant, I can use an orange tip and get great results. If any customers are turned off by the price of the product, I would tell them that because you can use an orange tip, you’ll either break even or save a little money and the results are better than what you get with other products.”

Prescott felt it was important to point out that Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will appeal to a wider group of customers because it doesn’t just work on newer cars that have a fresh clear coat and wax job. Older cars also benefit.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s newly waxed, waxed before, or never waxed at all, it beads perfectly. As long as you rinse properly to avoid any little bit of residue, and let it dry in the sun, it gives even older cars a really great shine. I tested it on my beat-up truck that has no clear coat or anything at all. It even looked good on that.”

Prescott was so impressed by Ceramic Sealant that he offered to talk to our customers and share his positive experience with them!

Rick Diehl’s Testimony

Car Wash Name: Turbo Express Car Wash and Detailing in Salt Lake City, UT

Type of Wash Where Sealant Used: Self-Serve

Setup and Application Details: Diehl uses a Hydrominder with a brown metering tip (75/1 dilution). The chemical is applied at 80 PSI and the water at 70 PSI using a Flojet pump. Diehl said that the sealant has a presoak texture and a fresh, subtly piney scent. In his opinion, it doesn’t foam as much as other sealant products that he’s used. He noticed that it has excellent beading properties that last for a long time. He was happy to see water beading just as well days after application as they had just after application.

Thoughts from the Operator: Overall, Diehl is impressed with the staying power of the product. He thinks that is what sets the Simoniz Ceramic Sealant apart from other sealants. Customers who choose premium services with their wash expect long-lasting performance. If a sealant product doesn’t deliver on that, sales of it will likely dwindle.

“We had an existing similar product that we were happy with, so we weren’t necessarily looking for something else. This worked so well that we’ll buy it again. It just lasts longer than other products. Other products might perform in a similar way but they don’t last as long. It does everything (Simoniz) says it will and probably lasts three to four weeks.”

We appreciate the valuable feedback from Chris Prescott and Rick Diehl. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us!

We offer Simoniz Ceramic Sealant in 32-ounce, 5-gallon, 30-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes on Kleen-Rite also offers an Arch Start-Up Kit includes an arch, lights, nozzles, dispenser, marketing materials and thirty gallons of sealant which make it easy to add Simoniz Ceramic Sealant to your car wash!

Simoniz Ceramic Sealant Options

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