Spray Gun Repair Kits: Fix Before Buying New!

So, you have an understanding of the important specs when it comes to spray guns. You’ve checked out different models and figured out the most comfortable models for you, your customers, or your employees. Once you know what spray guns you prefer for your car wash or pressure washing business, you should check to see if repair kits are available for your guns.

Advantages of Using Spray Gun Repair Kits

  • Save money by fixing instead of immediately buying a new gun
  • You don’t have to find each part and purchase them separately (No waiting for backordered parts)
  • With a kit, cost per part is almost always cheaper than buying them individually
  • Allows you to easily replace all of the wear parts and seals at the same time to ensure peak gun operation
  • Easy way to use OEM factory parts that maintain a consistent quality

Kits for Some of Our Top-Selling Spray Guns

Kleen-Rite spray gun with repair kit
Kleen-Rite GUK600NW Gun uses the GUK600K Kit (works with any Kleen-Rite non-weep gun)
Giant spray gun with repair kit
Giant PU21255 Gun uses the 21240 Kit (works with any Giant weep gun)
Suttner spray gun with repair kit
Suttner SUT1500NW Gun (Model ST-1500) uses the 202000044 Kit

These are only a few examples of the repair kits that Kleen-Rite sells for spray guns. Before you buy completely new guns, see if you can save yourself some money by doing simple repairs to get your existing guns back to like-new status!

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