Why Is Your Pressure Washer Leaking?

Pressure PumpA leak in your pressure washer pump does not have to signal the end of the unit’s life! Many pressure washer pump problems may be repaired. Doing these repairs yourself can save a lot of money, and you will gain a better understanding of how your pump and pressure washing system work.

Pressure Washer Leaking Problems

The most common item to fail in any pressure washer pump or machine is the gasket. Gaskets are designed to seal gaps between two metal pieces, and when working properly, keep water from leaking out. Over time, gaskets do rip or become worn out. You may have literally blown a gasket! This is most likely the problem if you can hear air escaping or see water leaking out of the pump. It’s actually a good idea to always have extra pump gaskets on hand. Any time you remove a gasket – such as when taking apart equipment to find or address another problem with your pressure washer pump – you may need to replace it with a new one to maintain a good seal.

The next most common problem is electrical. Be sure that all wires are firmly attached with no exposed bare spots. Occasionally a wire will work itself loose and need to be reattached.

Lastly, check your machinery for any cracks or broken parts. Even a small hairline crack can cause a pump to lose pressure or leak water.

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