Dr. Joe Meets Ebenezer Scrooge and Talks Printed Towels

In early May 2023 we exhibited at the ICA Expo in Las Vegas. At the show I met the “Ebenezer Scrooge of Car Washes.” Instead of disliking Christmas, I think he did not like his customers. When I explained the benefits of marketing by improving his customer’s experience with printed towels, he gave me the car wash equivalent of “Bah, Hum Bug.” He said to me, “The towels are a nuisance. The people (unbearable customers) leave them on the ground, put them in the trash, suck them up in the vacuum, and worst of all run off with them.” He then told me, “The towels cannot be cheap enough, thin enough, or small enough. I can’t wait until they (the insufferable customers) leave the vacuuming area and make room for new customers.” With people skills like this and providing towels that I will politely call rags, it was no worder Mr. Scrooge was having challenges.

Following the story line of A Christmas Carol, I proceeded to tell him the accounts of “Car Wash Past, Car Wash Present, and Car Wash Future.” If it worked for Charles Dickens, it would work for Doctor Joe.

ebenezer scrooge face with quote

Meeting Ebenezer Scrooge

I said: “In the early days of your first wash you were probably full of enthusiasm and eager to build your business. Then reality set in. Either Covid hit or you had some other reverses in your company. Business dropped off. You decided to reduce costs, stop advertising, and ‘cut corners.’ You bought thinner, cheaper, and smaller towels. Your expenses went down…so did your weekly wash count and monthly wash subscribers. Now, with fewer customers, you are looking for answers. Fortunately, you have come to Doctor Joe. All is not lost. The good doctor has never lost a patient. You can look at this differently and you can change the future.”

I then informed Ebenezer about the same things I will share with you…

Reasons to Brand with Printed Towels

Your vacuuming stations are the last opportunities you have to make a favorable impression with your customers. The towels offered for their use will be the last time in the wash experience your customers “touch” any aspect of your business. This is not the time or the place to go “Ebenezer” (cheap) on me!

selection of printed towels

When you place your logo, name, and message on a high-quality printed towel you are promoting your unique brand. You are improving your customers’ experience. It is the most sustainable way to grow your business. When you brand your vend towels, place your logo on towels used in a towel exchange program, provide printed towels for the customer’s use on premises or give imprinted towels away…your name NEVER GOES AWAY.

You are not forgotten. Your printed towels will not let your customers forget where your printed towels came from. Each time your branded towels are used or seen on or off premises you are front and center. It is easier to remove a tattoo than it is to remove your logo from your towel.

Now it is easier than ever to get started going to market with branded towels. Doctor Joe has introduced the “Small Print Job” in custom towel printing. Improvements in printing technology have enabled Kleen-Rite to lower the minimum order to six hundred towels. That’s right, 600 beautifully printed 16” x 16” 300 GSM dual-surface custom printed towels for only $1.10 per towel. What’s not to like here?

Printed Towel Details

Your logo, name, and message are available sharply printed in black or multi-colors. Your graphics and text are dyed into the towel. The images are as soft as the towel and will not scratch clear-coat or automotive paint.

On orders of 2,400 towels, pricing drops to $1.00 per towel and custom towel labels become a FREE OPTION. You can place your logo and a QR Code with a message to PLEASE SCAN ME. When scanned, your customer is launched to your website or will download your App. With an order of 6,000 towels, you get the same FREE LABEL DEAL and your price drops to $0.95 per towel.

towel station on a car wash vacuum arch

Different Ways to Offer Printed Towels

You can vend these towels in a drop shelf vendor, give them out with each detail job, or provide one to each new top wash customer. Your logo and name will continue to give impressions of your unique brand for four months to three years on average. That’s what I call sustainable advertising.

What about towel replacement programs? Why not sell the towels with your logo and name on the towel. You can easily sell this gorgeous towel for $3.00 each. It can be the cornerstone of your marketing loyalty program. When your customer returns the custom printed towel, they get a prewashed replacement.

There are also additional offerings with packaged vending towels. Starting in July 2023, Doctor Joe can beautifully print on your microfiber vend package in 5 brilliant colors. On the package you can display your logo and name. Also, there is room to place a QR Code or an invitation to download your Car Wash App on Google Play © or The Apple Store ©.

There is more good news on vending. There are now 26 color selections in microfiber vend towels, including Black Onyx. We also offer the the option of printing your logo and name directly on your microfiber towels. Doctor Joe can print on any color microfiber towel, Royal Blue or lighter. And as a bonus, custom towel labels are always FREE on all microfiber vend towel orders.

Save Money by Ordering in Bulk

What about pallet orders? Four good things happen with these orders. – the prices go down, the options go up, custom printed towel labels are FREE, and the shipping is FREE in the lower 48! There is a lot more Doctor Joe can do for you with automation and the savings are passed on to you by Kleen-Rite.

Pricing on full pallet orders starts at $0.38 EA per printed towel. Your cost depends on the size and weight of the custom towel that you select. All printed towels are either 300 GSM or 400 GSM. Sizes available are 12” x 12”, 14” x 14”, 16” x16” 16” x 24”, and 16” x 27”.

Start Ordering Today!

two examples of printed towels

Now that you are interested or ready to order, how do you get underway with printed towels? It is easy. Call Doctor Joe at 1-800- 233-3873 x 225. Provide him with a file of your logo in JPG, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF format. He will pass on your artwork and instructions to the Kleen-Rite marketing team. They will put together a first-class design and prototype that will help you stand out among your competitors. You will see just how your towel will look. There is no charge for this service.

You are probably wondering how Doctor Joe did with the “Ebenezer Scrooge of Car Wash Industry.” Well, the story ended well. Ebenezer (not his real name) did place an order for a pallet of printed towels. Mr. Scrooge is the hero of our story. He changed for the better, as we all can. Blessings from the good doctor – Doctor Joe Gartland

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