Car Wash Vending

An important aspect of running a successful car wash business is to have additional revenue streams to complement your bays and tunnels. One of the best ways to achieve this is to offer car wash vending machines with products that assist customers in washing their vehicle. Adding these simple transactions to each customers’ visit pays off impressively over time and greatly assists your bottom line.

The best brands in car wash vending pay close attention to reliable usability and tight security to help eliminate machine downtime, keep customers served and happy, and prohibit theft. Kleen-Rite has venders from brands like Laurel Metal, Mega-Vendor, Kleen-View, and more so you can find the right machines for your car wash business. We also offer products from reputable brands like Armor-All and Car Freshner so you can stock your machines with items that will sell quickly.

The Kleen-Rite blog is a wonderful source of valuable information about all aspects of the car wash business. Keep an eye out for posts about new products to replenish your inventory, advice on how to use your machines, and smart strategies for car wash vending.

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