Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes can be a huge asset to car wash businesses. Automatics provide the benefit of being able to serve a lot of customers quickly, expand the kinds of services you offer, and attract attention from the street.

With all of the fantastic advantages that automatic car washes offer, it makes sense that they require a lot of attention from car wash operators. Properly maintaining and servicing an automatic demands a lot of time and a constant interest in absorbing new information.

The Kleen-Rite blog is a wonderful source of valuable information about all aspects of the car wash business. Keep an eye out for posts about automatic car washes and learn about replacing conveyor parts, lowering your cost per car, the difference between different automatic car wash styles, and more!

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Green LED Car Wash Bay

Lighting Up Loganville

Recently, Kleen-Rite visited the Loganville Car Wash in Loganville, PA. Our purpose was to check out the impressive multi-color LED light setup in the touchless automatic bay to take some…
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