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If you’re looking for a great car wash podcast to plug into your ears, there are some great options available that have only improved as the industry has grown to new heights. Car wash owners and operators have a lot of passion, so it’s only natural to get some of those important conversations put into podcast form for others to enjoy and learn from. Take a look at our thoughts to help find the podcast that’s exactly right for your tastes! You can find these car wash podcasts on the most common platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube. Some of them are also on smaller platforms.

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CAR WASH the Podcast


Matt DeWolf of the International Car Wash Association

Most Recent Topics and Guests

  • The Best (New) Ways to Spend Your Marketing Dollar; guests Levi McClendon, Nick Rodia, and Sam Sousa
  • Maintaining Culture as You Grow; guest Justin Salisbury
  • Bringing Car Washers Together in Europe; guest Mark Bell

Our Thoughts After Listening

If you’ve been to The Car Wash Show, or subscribe to emails or newsletters from ICA, there’s a good chance you’ve seen host Matt DeWolf at some point. He’s involved in a lot of different media for the car wash industry and brings a lot of enthusiasm to CAR WASH the Podcast. It’s nicely produced with a fun intro and very clear audio, which is in-line with the quality you can find with Car Wash Magazine and ICA’s other media options. DeWolf brings his personable, jokey approach to this show that delves into a wide range of topics that are relevant to both big and small car washes.

There is a lot of focus on marketing and operational procedure and you’ll hear some of the most forward-thinking, fresh ideas in the car wash industry. In select episodes, you may also hear a little more about the global car wash market than other podcasts. The format is mostly an interview Q&A one, but does become more conversational at times. The podcast is a great complement to attending The Car Wash Show, and helps you stay connected to the ICA in between events. With regular listening, you’re bound to feel extra comfortable and prepared when you and your team go to the shows. Length is generally in the 25-30-minute range, but the occasional episode goes closer to an hour.

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Rich DiPaolo of Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Most Recent Topics and Guests

  • ECW Secures $150 Million Incremental Credit Facility; guest John Roush
  • The Rise of Mini Carwash Tunnels; guest Ben Branam
  • Driving More Member ‘At Bats;’ guest Brian Mattingly

Our Thoughts After Listening

Our immediate impression of WashTalk is that host Rich DiPaolo brings a very calm, unrushed demeanor to his interviews. While DiPaolo clearly has his own significant knowledge of the car wash industry, he smoothly guides guests and allows a lot of space for them to shape the discussion and let their wisdom to shine.

The interview format is relatively short but packs a lot of punch, so it’s great for those who like podcasts that stick to the topics without a lot of extra tangents. Episodes are frequently added, so you can also hear a lot of opinions and voices by subscribing to this cast. WashTalk brings a digital presence to the Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine, a respected industry publication that’s been around for a long time. A great feature of WashTalk is that it’s available in video form on YouTube with footage of the discussion taking place. If you prefer a visual aspect to your listening where you see the participants interacting, this is an excellent option. Length is generally 25 minutes or less.

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Car Wash M&A


Lanesse Barnett of Amplify Car Wash Advisors

Most Recent Topics and Guests

  • Talking Tech: Boosting Brand Loyalty with Better Data; guests Michael Pelikan and Bobboy Thomson
  • Fuel to Foam: Gas/C-Stores Growing Presence in the Car Wash Space; guest Jeff Pavone
  • Here are the Biggest Takeaways from The Car Wash Show; guest Chris Jenks

Our Thoughts After Listening

M&A is business vernacular for “mergers and acquisitions,” so right off the bat you get a sense that Car Wash M&A focuses on more large-scale business topics about the car wash industry. Although it’s certainly pleasant, the tone of this cast is a very confident, straightforward one that gets right to the matters of the overall car wash market.

In the discussion, you’ll hear more business jargon and abbreviations than other car wash podcasts. That’s not a bad thing, but if you’re experience is more towards the nuts and bolts of car washing, you may want to be prepared to look up terms that are more common in MBA classes than a car wash bay. That means this cast might also be a great option for investors and folks with general business knowledge looking to enter the car wash space. Another interesting note is that this is the only female-hosted car wash podcast that we found. Length is generally in the 30-40-minute range.

car wash confessions logo

Car Wash Confessions with The Car Wash Boys


George Odden of Ardent Advisory and Jonathon Kierman of Super Star Car Wash

Most Recent Topics and Guests

  • How to Get Involved with the Community; guest Kevin McCabe
  • Digital Marketing in the Car Wash Space; guest Brian Mattingly
  • Legal Tips for the Car Wash Owner; guest Paul Valentine

Our Thoughts After Listening

If you like podcasts of a more conversational, fun tone, this is the car wash podcast for you! George and Jonathon bring a lot of their lively personalities to Car Wash Confessions. They even start off their episodes with “confessions,” which are amusing tidbits about the their lives. The “confessions” are not necessarily about car washes – they also talk about food, golf, family life, and more. With multiple hosts and their laid-back approach, they really make you feel like you’re in the room with them.

Although they ease into their episodes with general conversation, they still offer a wealth of car wash knowledge and insights from great guests once they get moving. The information in the cast is useful for a variety of types of car wash owners. Tips and guidance are served in simple, straightforward terms while very obviously being backed by genuine experience in the industry. If you like to settle in for longer talks punched up with jokes and witty quips, you should listen to the Wash Boys. Length is generally around 40 minutes to an hour.

modern car wash podcast logo

Modern Car Wash Podcast


Kevin Zalaznik of Hoffman Development and Shane Groff of innovateIT Car Wash Equipment

Most Recent Topics and Guests

  • Soapy Joe’s Strategies for Growth and Inclusivity; guest Anne Mauler
  • Master of Chemicals; guest Jake Collision
  • What to Expect at the 2023 NRCC; guest Suzanne Stansbury

Our Thoughts After Listening

The Modern Car Wash Podcast format really dives into the details of their guest’s personal experiences in the industry. Instead of general discussion, the hosts zoom in on exactly what guests do in their professional positions. This is great for listeners who are more interested in hearing about real-world, day-to-day duties of industry leaders over more general aspects of the car wash market. From proven marketing methods one episode to in-depth discussion about soaps and chemicals in another, this is a cast where you can garner quickly applicable strategies and technical tips for your business. The Modern Car Wash Podcast is another one that is available in full video format on YouTube. Length is typically in the 30-40-minute range.

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