Car Wash Signs Checklist

Do you have all the car wash bay signs you need?

It’s important that customers feel at ease when they pull up to use your car wash. If they don’t know how to use certain features, how to maneuver around your lot, or how much your services cost, they may turn around and leave. There might even be another car wash right up the street that is easier to use! To avoid this scenario, you’ll want to make sure that your wash services are clear and easy to understand. You also don’t want to rely on a car wash employee to answer all customers’ questions, especially on a busy day. What you’ll really need is proper, informative car wash signs!

Car Wash Signs in UseTake a look around your car wash lot. Is it equipped with all the signs you need for successful, hassle-free operation? Have any customers voiced complaints or confusion lately? When customers feel confident about using your car wash, they’re more likely to return and recommend it to their friends.

To ensure that you have all the proper signage you need, we’ve compiled a checklist of common sign types! Use this list to double check that you have the best car wash entrance signs, instruction signs, and warning signs for your business. Or, if you’re just starting a car wash, this handy guide will help you select the signs you need.

Bay Signs by Application:

These signs are easy to attach to the wall inside your self serve car wash bay.

  1. Price Signs: alerts customers how much money they need to deposit to use your equipment.
  2. Instruction Signs: notifies customers what the can and cannot do in the bay. Examples include: “Please return spray gun back into spray gun holder” and “Stay between rails.” They’re great to place at the entrance of tunnels or next to pieces of self-serve equipment.
  3. Credit Card Signs: lets your customers know that your machine accepts credit card payment.
  4. Caution Signs: caution signs or warning signs tell customers to use caution while walking around your bay. One common example of a warning sign is “CAUTION. Bay may be slippery when wet or icy.”
  5. Changer Signs: directs patrons to money changing machines at your car wash lot. We have arrow signs for locating the change machine and instruction signs for using bill breakers, token dispensers, and credit card change machines.
  6. No Bucket Washing Signs: reminds customers no bucket washing is permitted in the self serve bay.
  7. Slippery Conditions Signs: serves as a warning that that bay floors are slippery when wet.
  8. Squeeze Trigger Signs: these signs remind the customer to squeeze the trigger for pressure when using the spray gun to wash off his or her vehicle.
  9. Foamy Brush Signs: instructs patrons how to use your self-serve foamy brush system.
  10. Menu Signs: menu boards provide a list of all the functions your wash offers. Examples include “foam brush,” “sport free rinse,” “wax,” and more. Use our peel and stick overlays to customize your menu sign and provide a clear list of all the services available at your wash.

Multiple Car Wash Signs in BayFreestanding Signs:

Windmaster signs are durable freestanding vertical signs with a spring flex built into the base. A Windmaster sign can bend slightly in the wind without snapping or breaking, and it is great for outdoor curbside messages and promotions. Some Windmaster signs are double-sided so customers coming from both sides of the street can read your message. Plastic barricade signs have a freestanding A-frame design that is great for advertising messages curbside or in front of your car wash bay. Examples of these signs include “Sorry Temporarily Closed” or yellow “Caution Wet Floor” signs. We also have 3D bright orange cones designed to direct traffic.

Don’t forget, we also have bi-lingual signs and pictorial signs! These signs are effective for communicating your message in ways other than the English language.

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