General Pump Oil Recommendations

large and small sizes of general pump oil
General Pump oil is available in different sizes

Like other respected pump manufacturers, General Pump oil is specially formulated oil blended perfectly for their specific pumps. While it may be tempting to seek out an alternative cheaper option, General highly advises against this. Most importantly, your pump will not perform at its best or have as long of a lifespan if you use an outside oil. In addition, you put yourself at risk of voiding any warranties currently covering your pump. Learn a little bit about General Pump oil and get the most from your pump investment!

How Often Should You Change Your General Pump Oil?

As a rule, change your pump crankcase oil after a 50-hour break-in period when your first start using it. After that, you should change the oil every three months or at 500-hour intervals. Read your manual or data sheet to determine the crankcase capacity of your pump. That number is the absolute maximum amount of oil that the crankcase will hold, and you should never go beyond that. Most General Pump models have a dipstick that you can use as a guide to check the level of your oil. Use oil service as an opportunity to do a basic checkup on your pump. Be on the lookout for harsh blackening, milkiness, discoloration, or sludgy characteristics of your oil. This is a sign that your pump may be having issues that you should address.

Different Types of General Pump Oil

One very important thing to note for General Pumps is that multiple types of oil are used with their pumps. Many pump brands have one oil option that works for all of the different models that they offer. In the case of General, they have three distinct oil options: 100 Series, 220 Series, and 8090 Series. Every pump from General uses one – and only one – of these oil options. They have a very handy and easy to understand Oil Recommendations Guide that lists oil/pump compatibility for all models.

oil drain kit for general pumps
An oil drain kit makes emptying and changing oil fast and easy!

Oil Series Info

Follow General Pump’s oil recommendations, conduct regular service, and be sure to always use the appropriate oil. You will save money in the long run by limiting how often you replace wear parts and add years to the life of your pump!

We offer General Pumps oil drain kits to make the oil change process easier and faster.

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