Home Washing vs. Professional Car Washing

There is always that misconception that hand washing your car at home is better than going to an actual car wash. But in reality it is the other way around. Chelsea is  here today to tell you why going to a professional car wash is better not only for you and your car but for the environment as well.


  • Water conservation– According to the studies of Kaddy Car Washes, a west coast car wash chain, a home car wash can go through 80-140 gallons of water, whereas a wash at one of its car wash bays will take about 30 to 45 gallons. Today, many professional car washes have a drainage system that filters out and recycles water from it’s daily operations. So washing at a carwash saves a huge amount of water verses home washing.


  • Chemical run off– With that being said, most people don’t know that all that extra soapy water from your drive way will run off and drain itself in sewers which in return will contaminate the environment. Most of the time people use laundry detergent or dish soap to clean their cars off. That in itself has a lot of chemicals in which could cause pollution in our rivers, lakes, streams and kill off natural wild life. Waste water can contain a range of substances that may also pollute the watering system with things like soaps, mud, rubber, etc. Your professional car wash has systems in place to separate chemicals prior to going into the sewer system.


  • Using the proper chemicals– Most people are not aware of what it is they are really using when washing at home. The paint and clear coat on your vehicle can be exposed to the wrong kinds of chemicals and could begin to cause damage. When you come to a professional car wash though, you are guaranteed protection to your cars finish. Also, your garden hose and buckets do not produce enough volume of water because there is not enough pressure to properly rinse the vehicle, leaving a soapy residue on your car can damage your clear coat and paint.


  • Everything you need to properly wash a vehicle- When washing at home, you generally have to provide everything yourself. Towels, hoses, sponges, waxes, etc., but at a professional carwash those things are already there for you. No longer will you have to worry about pinched hoses or running out of soap during a wash. Car wash bays include foamy brushes, high pressure spray guns, booms that safely swivel the hoses around your car, tire cleaner, waxes and so much more. Conveyor Tunnels, Automatics and now even self-serves are beginning to offer air dryers! So forget about those scratchy towels, and over extended hoses, and stick with the car care products on site.


  • You can always guarantee the quality of the wash– Now depending on the kind of person you are whether you are really into detailing your car or just looking for a quick wash, the quality of home washing is never a sure thing. Home washing relies entirely on a skilled person doing the wash, with towels and knowing the quality of the cleaning materials and detergents being used. There are a lot of risks you are taking when washing at home. You risk rubbing the grit right into the paint or transferred from someone else’s car to yours. Car washes today are designed with brushes that are safer than towel washing. It is suggested to go to your local car wash, for they have the most updated technologies for keeping your car clean. Automatics also offer blow dryers instead of you hand-drying because horsepower is everything. If you let your car air dry it won’t hurt your automobile but it will probably leave heavy water spots.


Car washes are equipped with the proper chemicals that have been specifically formulated for automotive paint surfaces. Most people understand that dish soap is made to strip grease from cooking utensils and dishes, but this same product used on a car will strip any protective wax from the vehicle, leaving your car vulnerable to the elements and road grime which can severely damage your car’s finish. Professional car wash soaps and chemicals will keep your protective coating intact.

Car care is something that shouldn’t be at the end of your list of things to worry about. Your car is a big investment and taking care of it properly should be a priority. Chelsea hopes that she changed your mind about picking where you wash your car next. Today’s professional car washes are not only easy and practical, but they keep your car safe and are protective of the environment. That is all we have for now so be sure to check in often because, Chelsea Knows.

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