Can You Repair a Pressure Washer Hose? Don’t Risk It, Buy a New One!

Leaking pressure washer hose
Pressurized water leaking from hole in a pressure washer hose can damage property and cause serious injuries.

Every experienced professional pressure washer has encountered multiple hose leaks and knows how to handle this problem. But for newcomers in the industry, the question often arises: “Can you repair a pressure washer hose?” The answer is highly debated if you search online. We consulted our pressure washing experts and their answer is a resounding NO.
Here’s why buying a new hose is a smarter and safer alternative to repairing a pressure washer hose.

Safety First

Pressure washers send powerful water streams through the hose. While patching a leak seems like a quick fix, it’s a recipe for disaster. The patch will likely fail since the water flowing through the hose is under intense pressure.

When a patch fails or a hose bursts, it will spray high-pressure water that can cause serious injuries should the stream come in contact with a person or animal. Even a small pin-sized leak can cut into concrete, so imagine what it can do to you! Property can also be damaged.

If a repair fails near the spray gun, which is held near your body, the injury could be serious and send you to the emergency room. According to American Family Care, a trip to the ER costs between $1,200 and $1,300. The cost of a new hose from us ranges from around $40 to about $250 depending on the quality of the hose and length you need. That is much cheaper than visiting the ER.

Failed pressure washer hose repair
Patches on a repaired hose will likely fail like this one did, or worse!

Another factor to consider is the legal repercussions like lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims should a burst hose injure a bystander or one of your employees.

Repairs Won’t Last

Patching a leak is not a long-term solution. Using tape or glue is just not safe. The immense pressure will cause the patch to detach, rendering the repair useless. Then you are back to square one.

Metal Connector Issues

Metal connectors on repaired hoses can cause problems. They make it difficult to roll up the hose on a reel due to their inflexibility and thickness. Additionally, these connectors can scratch vehicles, homes, buildings, and more. Plus, it can snag on curbs, carts, and other objects. Opting for a new hose eliminates these issues.

Factory Design and Construction

Pressure washer hoses are built with multiple layers and reinforcements for even pressure distribution and shape retention. You can’t replicate this complex design with a patch.

Hose Age

Consider heavily used hoses. Heavy use will degrade the structural integrity of the hose leading to leaks. Even if you repair the leak in a worn hose, it could lead to another one later and you will need to patch it again.

A Solution for Busy Pressure Washing Professionals

We understand you are busy and a leaky or burst hose will halt the progress of a job. That’s why we recommend having at least one spare hose on hand. This allows you to swap out the damaged hose fast. With a supply of backup hoses, you can handle leaks and bursts quickly avoiding costly downtime.

In the long run, a new hose is far more cost-effective than patching and risking failure, injury, potential medical bills, and legal trouble. Replace your hose for peace of mind. It’s an affordable investment that ensures your safety!

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