Using InBay Turbo Powder with Chemist Rob Johnson

You may have seen InBay Turbo Powder on the Kleen-Rite website and wondered what is and how it works. We spoke with Rob Johnson, Chemist at National Automotive Chemical, and he explained the details of how to best use InBay Turbo Powder.

In today’s car wash market, there are several product options for getting vehicles clean. Presoak is the typical nomenclature for chemicals applied early in the wash cycle.

The presoak has a high priority role in removing unwanted debris and contaminants from vehicle surfaces. They can be comprised of alkaline materials designed to remove organic materials, including grease, oil, bugs, and roadkill. Presoaks can also be made from acidic materials designed to remove inorganic materials, including brake dust and metallic particles. Finally, presoaks may be built from specific surfactant blends, which are pH neutral. They encapsulate dirt and promote release from the vehicle surface.

InBay Turbo Powder is a concentrated alkaline presoak that stands out in terms of quality while improving profit margins. Each 50 pound box of InBay Turbo Powder makes 55 gallons of high pH presoak! Below are some of our FAQs pertaining to this product.

How Do I Use InBay Turbo Powder?

Operators simply mix InBay Turbo Powder with soft water, then dilute 24:1 to 64:1 in the wash bay.

What Mixing Equipment Do I Need?

Typical mixing equipment consists of a tank equipped with an agitator, motor, timer, and soft water inlet.

Where Can I Use It?

InBay Turbo Powder applications include in bay automatics, in bay friction machines, hybrid equipment, and self-serve washes.

Does It Work Well?

Harry of Logan’s Car Wash in Pennsylvania says, “I have been using the Inbay Turbo Powder for the past 5 years. For being a powder, it works really well at both cleaning ability, and it has a great clingy foam that gives a nice dwell time with my automatic. I found it always mixes easily with warm water, and I mix it with a barrel mixer in an empty 55 plastic drum. My customers like it, and it does an excellent job with tires and rims, also. The cost per car is better than the liquid presoak I was using, and in the harder-to-clean season, I can afford to run it at lower dilutions so I can turn out cleaner cars.”

As there are many options in today’s presoak market, operators have a wide variety of choices. Using InBay Turbo Powder is a smart choice! Great product, great pricing, great wash quality! Take full advantage of the special pricing of InBay Turbo Powder and order today.

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