J.E. Adams newly found features in Vacuums

J.E. Adams Industries have been around for over 40 years and continue to produce high-quality self-serve car wash equipment, pressure washing products, and mist cooling solutions.

As they are not currently working on anything “new” on their product line, they are most excited about adding options for their customers so that they can customize a vacuum system that really meets their needs.

“One of my favorite new features is a kit that we can build into a coin operated vacuum that allows the owner to use a key to switch the vacuum over to a “free” push button vacuum,” J.E Adams Sales & Marketing Manager Jen Wall said. “This feature is ideal for 2 reasons. A lot of car washes have started offering free vacuums with washes, but not all locations are able to be secure at night when the wash isn’t open so this leaves the vacuums open to anyone who wants to use them.  Adding this kit on, the car wash owner can use his key to turn the vacuums into pay units when he leaves for the night.  The second reason I love this feature is for the car wash owners who have pay vacuums, this kit gives them the option to draw business in with marketing “free” vacuums during select hours.  If they have a slow time from 2-4pm M-F, they can advertise free vacs during those hours to and use their key to switch the pay vac over to free at 2pm and then back to pay at 4pm.”

J.E. Adams newest product lines are the 75000 Arch Boom Stanchions and the 3500 Central Vac Stanchions. They launched these about two years ago and have continued to improve upon the product lines and add options. Jenn Wall said J.E. Adams has added a lot of features for the 75000 family this past year. They now offer a centering kit for the swivel boom that brings the arch back to the designated starting position when the customer is done using it, leaving a nice uniform look at the car wash. She also said at the ICA in a few weeks they will be 35000 Mounted Vaclaunching the add-on Trash Can and Mat Rack kits for this family as well. Late last year J. E. Adams added a line of 4ft and 8ft LED light strips that can be added onto these arches.

The 3500 Central Vac Stanchion series has the newest feature of mounted vacuums with bill validators. Last year at ICA J.E. Adams launched the option of having an individually mounted vac on the 35000 Central Vacuum Stanchions vs using the main central producer motor and collector.

“At the time we launched we had a coin operated model and a push button free model,” Wall said. “This year we will be featuring the bill validator model at ICA along with our new LED light strip kits for the product line.”

J.E. Adams is always striving to make their products more efficient and are in hopes of bringing down the costs for their customers.


By Chelsea Dimmig

Kleen-Rite Staff Writer

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