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If you’ve placed an order with Kleen-Rite within the last 6 months or so, you may have received a review request from SiteJabber after your order was placed or delivered. This prompt presents you with a few short questions about your shopping experience or about products you ordered. These may not be the first review requests you’ve received while shopping around online. You’re seeing these prompts because SiteJabber has been put into action with your orders. It lets us hear your feedback and improve our presence as a trustworthy online supplier.

What is SiteJabber?

SiteJabber is a third-party platform that is helping us to facilitate transparent feedback and engagement with you, our customers! We want your honest impressions of our business and the products you have purchased and used. Your reviews and comments are useful to both fellow business owners and to us as your reliable supplier.

How it Works

SiteJabber’s goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and businesses by offering an open platform for you, our customers.  It also helps us to research and discover new information on items. As a whole, we hope that the data we get back from you will help us as we continue to refine and improve our processes.  

Here at Kleen-Rite, we’re consistently looking for ways to improve your shopping experience and our practices as a company that serves you. By collecting the commentary and suggestions you submit, we can pinpoint and focus on changes and improvements that can benefit us all. Product reviews not only help other prospective buyers, but also help us to make decisions on whether products are worthy or whether they should be replaced in our product inventory.

SiteJabber Helps Us Help You

Thank you to any of you who are already participating with reviews. We appreciate each and every response you take the time to submit, whether on a product you love or hate, or if you’re simply sharing your personal insights on the overall shopping experience. If you happen to receive a review request we hope you’ll help us out! The more information you provide on our service or products, the more helpful your review will be!

We read each and every review, and we may even share those that are most insightful on our other platforms. SiteJabber is also a tool that helps us engage with you if your experience wasn’t up to par. Our customer service team is ready to assist if an issue occurs with a product or order, however, we also work to pass along any technical or procedural suggestions to the appropriate Kleen-Rite team. Our goal is to help you with a solution, or to put issues in front of our teams for action, so your future orders will be worthy of a 5-star rating.  

Keep in mind, if you’re a member of our Rewards program, quality reviews are a quick and easy way for you to earn points too! You’ll earn 1000 point for a written product review, 2000 for a review with pics and a whopping 3000 points if you post a video!

This article originally appeared in Kleen-Scene Issue 42.

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