Vac Topper Sign Series

Unique Opportunity for Advertising, Instructions, and Messages

Use your existing vacuum setup to increase revenue and light up your lot with the Vac Topper and Vac Topper Sign Inserts! It will be easy for customers to read your Vac Topper signs and messages while they use your vacuums. Display instructions such as “this vacuum accepts credit cards” or “please hang hose when finished.” Or advertise products you’re currently selling in vending machines.

The Vac Topper features super bright and long-lasting LED lights to illuminate your lot. Eye-catching colors and light modes will attract attention from passing motorists. Features include adjustable brightness, solid color light mode, strobe effect, and chasing light effect. You control the range of effects and colors with the included handheld remote.

The sign holder frame is durable to withstand wind and weather elements. Easy to install, message signs and advertisements slide right into the top of the sign holder. We have a great selection of signs available for the Vac Topper. If you have an idea or don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us for a custom sign!

How to Install

Tools Needed: sharpie marker, drill, ½” drill bit, 3/8” drill bit, plyers for tap spices, Phillips head for screws

  1. Place vacuum topper and gaskets in the desired location on the dome. Slowly remove the Vac Topper but leave the gaskets behind.
  2. Using the gaskets mark drill holes in the dome.
  3. Drill the holes you just marked on the dome. The big hole is ½” and the smaller hole is 3/8”. Next, remove the tape on the gasket and stick to the dome.
  4. Push the LED connector into the center hole you drilled. Insert screws through the dome and into the Vac Topper. Next, tighten the screws. The Vac Topper is now secure.
  5. Connect the LED Kit to the Vac Topper LEDs. Be sure that the two arrows on the plastic connectors line up or the lights will not turn on.
  6. Disconnect the power. Using tap slices, tap into any 110V supply that is always on and not controlled by the timer. Next, reconnect the power.
  7. Install the sign. First, insert the sign into the bottom of the frame. Next, flex the corners of the sign into the corners of the frame.


Vac Topper with LED Light

Vac Topper with Lights

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Vac Topper (No Lights)

Vac Topper No Lights

Dual Sided Vac Topper Sign – “Please Hang Hose When Finished”

Please Hang Hose Sign

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Dual Sided Vac Topper Sign – “Drying Towels Available in our Vending Machines”

Drying Towels Sign

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