5 Quick Tips for Safe and Effective Chemical Dispensing

Consider these helpful tips for effective and safe chemical dispensing in environments that require heavy-duty, regular cleaning and sanitizing.

1. Choose dispensers that are easy to use and maintain

hydro systems riteflex for safe chemical dispensing
RiteFlex RF100 Handheld Dispenser

This might seem obvious, but it’s a very important point for effective chemical dispensing. It can be tempting to overbuy and choose a dispenser with a lot of bells and whistles, but if you need it for a simple task, it makes more sense to keep it as basic as possible. While you certainly want to get something that suits all your needs, an overly complicated machine is a waste of money immediately. Plus, it will continue to be a headache because employees will be confused trying to operate it, and maintenance will be unnecessarily complicated. Buy smart and focus on your clear needs.

2. Properly train employees for safe chemical dispensing

Conduct organized, thorough training on chemical dispensing equipment so employees are prepared to safely use the equipment. If staff isn’t clear on how something operates, it can be dangerous and create a situation where product is being wasted.

3. Consider using small handheld dispensers in some circumstances

While you might be on the fence about spending extra money on handheld dispensers, foamers, and sprayers, it might be a huge advantage in the long run. By properly cleaning tight, hard-to-reach spots, you might avoid bigger issues down the road. Also, handheld devices are perfect for high-traffic areas where you need a quick cleaning or sanitizing solution without a large piece of equipment.

accumax 3 product dispenser for safe chemical dispensing
AccuMax 35581 3-Product Dispenser

4. Stay up to date on maintenance for safe chemical dispensing

Keeping your dispensers clean and replacing worn or damaged parts is absolutely crucial to maintaining accurate dilution rates. Regularly checking your units and creating a maintenance schedule that you stick to is a cornerstone of safe chemical dispensing.

5. Keep a variety of chemicals on hand for different cleaning situations

Strategize all the cleaning tasks you might face in your environment, then buy chemicals accordingly. While everybody would love to have a general-purpose cleaner that does it all, that’s just not something you’re going to find. Figure out what chemicals you need, then have multi-product dispensing systems that allow you to mix and dispense several chemicals for different applications.

We used information from Hydro Systems “The Do’s and Don’ts of Dispensing” blog post for this post. Check out some of their more detailed dispensing blogs to get expert advice, then shop Kleen-Rite, exclusive distributor for Hydro Systems products.

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