8 Things You Need for Your Dog Wash

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You understand how passionate people are about their pets and have invested in a dog wash—or multiple dog washes—for your facility. The infrastructure is in place, equipment is working, and you’re ready for customers to enjoy washing their pets. So, what do you need to make your dog wash the absolute best it can be?

Banners, Decals, and Signs to Advertise

Busy car washes are all about the promotion that catches people’s eyes as they drive by! Let potential customers—or even folks who are already at your wash—know that you have a dedicated dog wash station! Grab attention from the road with a bright, colorful feather flag, a banner with mounting grommets, or an attractive 28” x 44” sign that fits perfectly into a Windmaster stand.

Dress up the spot where your wash is located with large building signs, smaller polystyrene signs, tub decals, and window decals, so customers know where to go with their pets. Not only will it look great, it’s informative and makes for a better customer experience.

A strategic combination of several, or all, of these items is the optimal way to promote your dog wash!

coin box decals for dog wash

Coin Box Decals Designed for Dog Wash Services

Having a clean, easy-to-use coin box is crucial to providing an excellent customer experience at your dog wash. Beyond keeping your coin box in excellent working order, that means also having decals that make it easy to go through the buying and washing process.

Pick up a Deluxe Dog Wash Coin Package, which includes a decal for a 10-position rotary switch, sticker decals for various services offered, and a time/price decal set. The coin box decal can be customized for credit card acceptance, 8-position, or 12-position at your request. If you need extra time/price decals, they can be purchased separately.

Dog Wash Chemicals

Washing pets requires special chemicals that are both effective and safe for animals. With a comprehensive selection of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, customers will see level of clean that they’ve never experienced with their pet.

skunk smell shampoo

We offer these chemicals that are specially formulated for animal cleaning:

Dog Wash Tokens

dog wash tokens

Car wash owners know the benefits of using token payment. When a customer buys tokens, it’s an immediate commitment to using your wash. If a customer has leftover tokens, there’s a good chance they’ll make a return visit to use them. What’s more, having an acceptor that only has to deal with one type of coin at the point of sale cuts out some of the headaches of failed transactions and jamming. Having tokens specifically designed for your dog wash means customers can’t use them for bays or vacuums. That gives you the ability to price the tokens exactly how you want to for the dog wash, rather than having to choose one price that works for everything at your wash. It also means more purchases and increased ticket value for patrons who are washing both vehicles and pets.

Vending Supplies Geared Towards Dog Wash

treats for dog wash vending

Dog washes provide an excellent opportunity for vending, which drives up your revenue. We recommend a Laurel Metal 3-Column VEL899MAX Vendor for dog wash areas. It allows you to offer multiple products without taking up too much space. Plus, it’s available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. Don’t forget to grab a decal with a special design to fit perfectly with your dog wash!

There are plenty of ideas for vending products geared toward dog and pet owners. Consider offering drying towels, folding pet brushes, or even ponchos to keep the owner dry while washing! Treats and chews are the perfect vending items for dog washes. Whether an owner uses them to distract the dog while washing, or as a post-wash reward, snacks are an important part of the process. We offer free colorful overlays for the dog wash vending items we sell; simply stick them onto your decal to advertise the products you offer!

Fragrance Dispenser

calming lavender dog wash fragrance

Top off the premium pet washing experience with a fragrance dispenser! This convenient addition ties directly into the existing coin box you’re already using for the wash. Leaves pets smelling extra fresh while making their owners happy!

These delightful scents are available for use with the fragrance dispenser:

pet vacuum

Products to Clean Dog Wash Area

If you’ve ever cleaned a dog, you know it can get a little hairy. Literally. We offer a heavy-duty Pet Vac with a built-in mesh backet that separates hair from water. This special vacuum goes beyond what a normal shop vacuum can do, allowing for fast and effective clean up of water and hair with a valve for easy draining.

It’s also important to keep your tub clean and sanitary. Use our Dog Wash Tub Cleaner to both disinfect and deodorize your wash. An important note for this particular cleaner is that, while it’s not intended for use directly on animals, the area you clean will be safe for pets immediately after use.

Keeping your dog wash area clean is crucial not only for keeping equipment running properly, but also to maintain a pleasant atmosphere that encourages repeat customers and positive reviews of your facility.

dog wash repair parts

Spare Parts

Time is money, and you’re losing both if your pet wash is down. Just like your car wash bays, it’s a smart idea to keep extra parts on hand in case a component fails or breaks. Kleen-Rite carries dog wash replacement parts like hoses, strainers, nozzles, shower head repair kits, and more items to keep your dog wash operating at full strength!

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