Car Wash Owner Delivers Black Friday Deal

Car wash owners are always looking for new ways to draw in business, and for at least one Massachusetts car wash owner, that meant getting in on the Black Friday shopping frenzy. He gave away free exterior car washes to everyone who stopped by the day after Thanksgiving. So how can a free giveaway like this turn into profit for your business?

Add-On Sales

The car wash owner only gave away free exterior car washes, so vacuuming and other detailing services were not included in the deal. You can optimize a free giveaway by making add-on sales attractive. Car wash vending supplies, such as air fresheners, tire cleaner, and drying towels can add profit to the day, which helps to offset the cost of the free car washes. Remember that the margin on many car wash vending supplies is high enough to cover the cost of a free car wash.

Creating a Connection

While not every person who gets their car washed for free will spend money on additional services that day, many of your free car wash recipients will remember you the next time they need a car wash. Creating this connection with customers encourages loyalty and will keep them coming back to see you. Word-of-mouth with each of these new customers can also result in referrals for friends and family, giving you an even greater new customer base.

Some people may think that giving away free car washes on Black Friday was an odd marketing ploy. When you examine the thought process behind marketing plans like this one, it’s easy to see the positive impact it can have on a business.

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