DEMA Injector Maintenance

DEMA Injector Maintenance Made Easy

When winter brings icy, slushy roads, your customers will be clamoring for a bay to wash muck off of their vehicles. This makes fall the perfect time to take inventory, conduct equipment checks, and do preventative maintenance. We talked to the experts to get top tips for DEMA injector maintenance.

5 Top Tips from DEMA

  • Check the valves on each of your injectors and replace any that are showing signs of wear. By replacing or repairing your injector valves on a regular basis you can be sure that customers are getting a consistent, even amount of soap on their cars.

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  • Replace your metering tips every six months, even if they don’t appear to need it on first visual inspection. By making this simple swap on a regular basis, you’ll reduce the likelihood of clogs.

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  • Clean and replace your float valve diaphragms at least once every six months. Often, DEMA experts see float valves with gunk all over the diaphragms. Keeping the diaphragms cleaned and / or replaced regularly can help avoid any hang-ups and flooding in your control rooms. Operators need to conduct diaphragm maintenance at least once every six months.

Injector Diaphragm

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  • Replace your DEMA MixRite lip seals! These seals are actually designed as replaceable wear parts. Check your lip seals and chemical piston seals at least once per year and replace as needed.
  • Foot valves can fail in chemical pails and you may not even realize it right away! By checking and preemptively replacing your foot valves, you can help keep chemicals at appropriate levels to get better chemical injection for each customer.

DEMA foot valve
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Creating a regular schedule to check and maintain your injection systems will help to ensure continual and consistent wash results for your customers. Check out our car wash injector parts inventory to get each item you need for easy, ongoing maintenance!

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