Driverless LED Tube Lights from G&G

G&G LED Lighting is excited to announce the expansion of their LED lighting products with the release of their driverless LED direct AC fixtures! This innovative product was engineered and designed specifically for use in and around car wash facilities. The cost effective series is ideal for lighting self-serve wash bays, vacuum areas, awnings, canopies and maintenance rooms.

driverless led tube
G&G LED Light Package – 32′ (4-8′)

What is Different about Driverless LEDs from Other G&G Lights?

The major differentiating feature of this new series is the ability to power the luminaires directly from AC line voltage. This removes the LED driver from the system, as well as any electrolytic capacitors for extreme reliability and significant cost reduction. Other features include a slim, 1” round low-profile design and secure, waterproof quick connect cabling for ease of installation. The linear high output design excels in wash bays. It evenly spreads light around the cars where it is needed most. Say goodbye to the hot and dark spots created by traditional options like square canopy fixtures and wall packs.

Car Wash Owner Testimonial

Rick Diehl, owner of Turbo Wash in Salt Lake City, Utah, recently experienced the difference G&G’s new linear LED fixtures can make at his 5 bay self-serve location. He received one of G&G’s first shipments of the new product to install in a self-serve bay. Rick stated, “My original plan was to just put the new G&G lights in the middle bay but after seeing them side by side with the LED conversion packs in the others bays the two solutions simply didn’t compare. Now I’m doing them all with G&G. I also really like the simplicity of the plug and play connectors and no drivers. It was a very easy install.”

G&G offers this new series in a self-serve bay lighting package (GGBAY32) available through Kleen-Rite. This package comes complete with (4) 8’ LED fixtures and everything required for installation. At a reasonable price-point, the GGBAY32 package will brightly, efficiently and cost effectively illuminate your self-serve wash bay. There has never been a better time to refresh your site with LED lighting and give customers the open, clean, and welcoming environment they look for.

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