General Pump Platinum Emperor Pumps: Breakthrough Innovation!

PEHT PumpGeneral Pump, a world leader in plunger pump development, merges innovation in technology with the Platinum Emperor (PEHT) pump line. Many features of these pumps make them uniquely qualified to withstand the rigors of the self-serve and conveyor car wash markets.

Platinum Emperor Features

PEHT pumps are ideal for use in self service car washes because of their high-technology design that allows operation at high temperatures (up to 185° Fahrenheit) and even in dry running conditions for several hours. Additional components and features include:

  • High-temperature seals
  • Nickel-plated, stainless steel manifold to protect against chemical damage
  • Nickel-plated crankcase
  • Large oil capacity for better cooling and lubrication
  • Large diameter oil sight glass on side of pump
  • New dual lip oil seals to protect crankcase against water ingress
  • Robust, oversized tapered roller bearing
  • Solid ceramics
  • High efficiency valve design for quieter operation

Making the Switch

The PEHT2214S Platinum Emperor pump is a direct replacement for Cat 310/5CP2120 pumps. General Pump even offers a retro rail kit (101112) to make the conversion from Cat Pumps to General Pumps easy! Plus, PEHT series pumps come with a great warranty for additional peace of mind.

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