Get Resupplied for Summer to Beat the Rush of Customers

Memorial Day marks the official beginning of summer in most people’s minds, so it’s past time to make sure your car wash vending supplies are in stock for the busy season.

Chances are your customers don’t really plan ahead when they decide to clean their vehicles. Most of the time, it’s an impulsive decision based on the weather or some nastiness that has befallen their cars – like a visit from the birds near their home or work. And that means they probably didn’t remember to grab all the things they need to make that car look as good as new.

Whether it’s ArmorAll for the tires and interior, or water-beading coating for the windshields, their lack of pre-planning can make for a run on your car wash vending supplies. Or, your vending machine may offer products that the customer didn’t even think about.

From air fresheners to towels, your vending machine contents help your customers care for their car better, while helping you increase your profit margin. When you offer add-on items, like microfiber cloths to help customers shine their cars without scratching them, you not only see increased sales, but you also build customer loyalty by making your car wash a one-stop shop. If customers have to stop at the store for towels and window cleaner before making it to the car wash, they may never come at all. Or, they may choose a competitor who offers everything they need in their vending machines. Stock up now, so that as your customers prepare for summer, they think of your car wash as a necessary stop.


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