Our Top Ten Little Tree Scents to Add To Your Vending Selection!

The Little Tree car freshener. An iconic symbol.

You see them everywhere – they are such a recognizable shape. You know immediately that if you see one dangling from a mirror, your nostrils are in for a treat!

They pop up everywhere. For instance, you might come across them in TV shows, movies, commercials, print ads. They are the leading car freshener across the world. A must-have in vending machines and retail slots for car washes, gas stations, parts shops, anywhere that car owners will be making a purchase.

You can probably even conjure up the New Car or Black Ice aroma as you read this. These two popular scents have helped define the Little Trees brand. They are the top-selling trees, and should be the backbone of any retailer or vendor… but for those looking to expand their offering, where do you go? Here’s Kleen-Rite’s recommendations for our Top 10 aromas beyond these stalwarts!

Warm, Comforting, Homey

A comfy couch, a warm kitchen, a freshly-made bed, spending time with your dad. These Little Tree scents bring to mind the comforts of home when your customers are on the road!

Leather – This Leather Little Tree car air freshener has a popular masculine fragrance. It brings a blend of cedar wood, musk, and tanned leather to any car interior. Plus, customers will love the attractive leather-style pattern across the tree! 

Vanillaroma – A creamy mix of vanilla, coconut milk, and sugarcane, Vanillaroma is warming and sweet. Vanilla is one of the most recognizable and soothing scents in the world – bring this pleasant aroma that conjures up warm homes to your customers cars, for relaxing commutes!

Summer Linen – Transport your customers right to warm, sunny, summer fields every time they get into their vehicles! Your vending customers will love this Little Tree Summer Linen bright cotton scent with hints of white peach, lavender, and coconut water.

Fresh Shave – The sharp tang of shaving cream and talcum powder combine with the warm aromas of musk and leather for the Fresh Shave air freshener. It’s the classic barbershop aroma you grew up with, guaranteed to recall Saturday mornings with your dad, watching cartoons and listening to chatter until it’s your turn in the chair.

Get Out and Adventure!

For the wanderer and the adventurer, these Little Tree aromas transport your customers to the powdery slopes or the seaside spray, a vacation during rush hour!

True North – Delight in the fresh, crisp scents of frosty pine and arctic air direct from the True North. Reminiscent of the snow-capped mountains across the Rockies and Canada – the true king in the north!

Bayside Breeze – An irresistible mix of fresh air, crisp apple, and summer melon rolls across the water with Bayside Breeze. Bright and summery, it will remind you of days spent relaxing on your porch by the bay!

Sunset Beach – Combines the rich, sweet, honeyed tones of neroli, the strong aroma of musk, and pleasant white florals for a Sunset Beach’s relaxing, welcoming greeting. It’s like a sunset walk along a calm, flower-studded shoreline.

Rainforest Mist – Little Trees Rainforest Mist is a peaceful, tropical blend of bamboo, crisp water, lush greenery, and exotic flowers. Transport your patrons’ senses to a faraway island every time they get behind the wheel!

Fresh and Fruity

Bring that fruit patch along with you! Pies, jams, jellies, or fresh from the garden, these scents are the best of produce section!

Watermelon – A juicy, refreshing Watermelon scent that your customers will recognize and love. Take them back to warm afternoons crunching away on a fresh slice of melon, enjoying their care-free lives!

Strawberry – Warm summer nights, sweet preserves, fresh baked tarts – bring all of these happy scents to your customer’s minds with Little Trees Strawberry air fresheners. They impart the sweet scent of freshly picked strawberries and strawberry treats, delighting everyone who gets a whiff! 

Little Trees from Car Freshner at the Best Prices Around!

No matter what aromas you go with, Little Trees are a can’t-miss profit maker for your car wash retail or vending location. In addition, they have plenty of other uses, such as offering them for free as an incentive for customers to join your membership program, putting them in customer-appreciation gift bags, or including them in charity auction gift baskets! They are an incredibly versatile product.

Don’t think you have to choose just one or two for your wash to offer either – rotate them seasonally, or as you see trends changing! Kleen-Rite always has them, wholesale, at the best pricing around, in packs of 24, bulk packs of 72, hanging displays, and numerous other merchandising options. In short, there’s no better place to find these winning products than Kleen-Rite!

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