What are the Most Commonly Replaced Sta-Rite Pump Parts?

Sta-Rite booster pump

Kleen-Rite carries a variety of Sta-Rite Pump Parts, as well as replacement parts for all the other brands we offer for purchase. Pumping equipment carries a heavy burden, so, over time wear and tear naturally occurs on various components. Signs that you may need some parts for maintenance include odd sounds, drips and leakage, or poor performance. One big red flag is loss of pressure when your pump is working.

Sta-Rite pumps are no exception to normal wear and tear, but what are the most commonly replaced parts on Sta-Rite pumps? Let’s take a look at these components to give you some direction to getting your pump back up to peak performance.

Mechanical Seal / Shaft Seal Pump Parts

Mechanical seals utilize stationary elements in addition to rotating components and a spring. The mechanical seal is located behind the impeller on the pump shaft. Or, in a standard centrifugal pump assembly, mechanical seals are located between the casing and the impeller. These seals allow the impeller to rotate without pump fluid escaping. Seals wear out over time and need replacement, as with any mechanical part.

Mechanical seals may leak because something changed about the operating conditions in your system. For example, fluctuations in pressure in the seal chamber, changes in temperature around the shaft seal, poor lubrication and contamination like dirt and debris in the line can damage a seal. The mechanical seal can fail prematurely when it is not installed right. Issues with installation may include: incorrect alignment, incorrect seal size, or insufficient lubrication.

Worn-out seals are a common cause of leakage in water pumps. Over time, the seals can become brittle and crack, and as a result, allow water to escape. Shaft seals prevent liquid escaping from a pump’s rotating or reciprocating shaft. Oil or rotary shaft seals are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, which can cause them to wear out faster. Water pumps use sealing options including packings, lip seals, and various types of mechanical seals. Pump shaft seal failure and leakage is one of the most common reasons for pump downtime. Seal materials wear naturally over time, but wear can happen faster if the pump runs dry, if it incurs shocks and vibrations, if there are pressure fluctuations, and if the bearings wear.

Parts for Sta-Rite Pump Impellers

The impeller is a rotating component in your centrifugal pump that accelerates water or solutions outward from the center of rotation. Energy is transferred from the motor that drives the pump to the fluid being pumped into your system.

It’s common for impellers to develop surface damage, which is considered normal wear and tear with extended use. Over time, the vanes become rigid and work less effectively. A drop in flow rate, reduced head pressure, or increased power consumption could indicate impeller wear.

The three most common causes of surface damage are erosion, corrosion and cavitation. Abrasive materials can cause the impeller to wear out faster. Impellers may becoming stiff and brittle due excessive heat or chemical exposure or long terms of dormancy. Water lubricates the impeller. Running the pump dry can be ruin the impeller in a few seconds. An impeller attacked by corrosion can cause a failure of the connection between the shaft and impeller; the result is a lack of coolant/lubricant circulating through the system.

Sta-Rite Pump Stack Components

The pipe stack is a series of impellers. As fluid passes through the stack in a booster pump, it increases in flow and pressure. Pump stacks need replacement for the many of the same reasons single impellers do. Stacks may be available st a single part or in a kit along with seals and other components in the assembly.

Kleen-Rite has always been your reliable supplier for pumps and other car wash and pressure washing equipment. We know that finding the genuine pump parts you need keeps your business running smoothly. We’re here to get you what you need, when you need it. Need help finding a part? Give us a call and we’ll help you track it down.