Hog Hair Brushes Are a Natural Choice for Repeat Business at Your Self-Serve Car Wash

Self-serve car wash customers judge wash quality on a satisfying experience, and, for some time now, a satisfying foaming brush experience has been a key part of the self-serve car wash. Because the foaming brush is in the customer’s hands, it should feel good and do a good job, but it should also be safe for today’s increasingly fragile vehicle services. Despite many advances in car wash technology, the safest, most effective brushes on the market today are hog hair brushes. Hog’s hair is gentle, with tapered ends that make the hairs softer at the tips, but the hairs retain stiffness for scrubbing up close. It also remains durable and resilient, outliving 3 or 4 brushes made of different materials.

A hog hair brush can be attached to a low pressure system, such as those utilizing the low pressure flojet pumps, and foam detergent is pumped out through holes in the base of the brush. A good quality brush, like the Universal Foamy hog’s hair brush, will have evenly distributed fountain holes to maintain a generous flow of detergent. Proper distribution of soap foam cleanses the customer’s car and also lubricates the brush to prevent damage to the car’s surface. The hog’s hair filament has a smaller diameter than a nylon filament, which helps larger debris, like sand and foreign objects, glide off the brush and prevent scratching. A nylon brush could retain this debris and cause paint job damage. A natural hog hair brush may cost a bit more than nylon, but they offer around 43 percent more brush life. Added to the fact that they are much less likely to damage vehicle surfaces, and the small investment in hog hair brushes can offer a big payoff in the long run.

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