How Can Corporate Culture Work for Your Car Wash Business?

You can keep your car wash business in shape by keeping your cat pumps in repair and reducing expenses for car wash supplies, but how do you overhaul your corporate culture? Corporate culture is rarely static, and tends to change over time. Studies have shown that at least two thirds of employees consider company culture crucial to the success of their organizations, and think it has the greatest impact on morale and productivity. With the economic struggles over the past couple of years, corporate culture has been severely impacted, and layoffs, reduced benefits, and lowered wages have lowered morale and made many workers feel distanced from their employers. Identifying and improving your car wash company’s corporate culture can be important to retaining your good employees and even attracting new ones.

Employee attitudes and effective management are the keys to your car wash company’s positive culture. To identify your current company’s culture and make improvements, examine your business carefully. Focus on building strong trust relationships between management and service employees. Find new ways to focus on the customers. Hold each employee to high standards of accountability. Make sure you implement training and development programs, as well as reward good performance. Keep an emphasis on recruiting and training only outstanding employees. By examining and improving your corporate culture, you can increase your employees’ commitment to your company and make them feel like they are an important part of your operation. It’s been shown that a 20 percent increase in employee satisfaction produces around a 40 percent rise in the company’s financial performance. While you can reduce downtime and boost your bottom line by maintaining the physical parts of your car wash, don’t neglect the fact that nearly 85 percent of a company’s assets are now considered the intangible resources, such as your employees’ knowledge and talent. Start cultivating your corporate culture, and you could see a return in productivity and employee loyalty.

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