It isn’t enough just to be in business these days; customers must be brought in to the car wash. There are several ways to advertise and announce that a business is open and available to the public. Customers can locate your business easily with a neon car wash sign that beckons them to stop by. There are several other ways you can attract customers to your business.

Customers may be attracted to another location if they aren’t reminded of what your excellent facility has to offer. Advertisements with special promotions in the local paper will draw them in. Offer a free car wash after using the facility five times or half-off the dog-wash area when cleaning the vehicle. Highlight the special offerings such as 24-hour service that can draw in second and third shift customers who find it hard to get everything done in their hours off from work.

Host a special event. Invite a radio station to set up a live gig with a DJ to promote the business.   Work out a deal with the station to support a favorite charity while pulling in customers for an afternoon. Ask customers to bring in donations for the local humane society or food pantry to receive a dollar or two off of a car wash. Your business will become known as a community supporter, while reminding customers of the features you offer. Keep that neon car wash sign polished up to attract and remind the passersby that the business is open.