Interviewing Techniques to Help Recruit the Perfect Car Wash Manager for Your Team

Finding qualified applicants for your car wash or detailing business can be challenging enough. Once you have found a pool of prospective employees, how do you interview them and gauge their responses to choose the best candidate? The car wash manager is the person on whom you will most heavily rely to keep your business running smoothly. He or she should have experience maintaining car wash pumps and equipment, stocking car wash supplies, and tracking sales of vending supplies. Your manager will be responsible for the outside appearance of your car wash, and also delivering a top notch customer service experience, from start to finish, as well as managing your other employees. Here are a few interview questions to ask when hiring at a car wash:

How long have you worked as a manager, and how many employees reported directly to you?

You are looking for a candidate who already has managerial experience. Besides the direct answer from this question, look for further answers the employee gives which back up the information from this statement.

What were the responsibilities and activities for which you had to oversee these employees? How did you delegate these tasks?

Now you will see if the employee has a solid story or two to back up his or her claim to managerial experience. You also want to see if his or her answers reflect the same values as your company wishes to promote. Pay special attention to how your prospective manager delegated tasks and responsibilities to see if his or her management style fits in with your own.

Describe an instance where you were required to intervene in your capacity as a manager to help your team of employees. Did you have to motivate them or resolve a conflict? What were the results?

Beware the interviewee who offers nearly perfect answers but does not seem sincere or cannot describe these situations in detail. You need someone who can demonstrate the ability to lead, and to motivate people to accept that leadership for the common goal of keeping the company running. Good answers to these questions will indicate that your prospective manager is someone who can work well with others to keep your car wash business profitable.

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