Keep Your Car Fresh with an Air Freshener

So, let’s get one thing straight: cars NEVER keep that awesome new car smell as long as you’d like them to. You get in every morning and inhale blissfully, for the first few days, but each day it fades a little more; and, gradually, you forget about it until, suddenly, it’s months later and your car smells like spilled coffee, stale Wendy’s takeout, and/or wet dog (or at least doesn’t smell like new car anymore).

First things first: if the inside of your car is dirty enough to create its own odors, you need to clean that out, pronto. Get yourself to your nearest car wash, throw away all the accumulated trash, and vacuum out the inside of your car; maybe following up by spraying some Febreze. That will do wonders. But if you don’t have time to do all of that, or you want to recapture that glorious new car smell, or you simply want your car to have a fresh, clean scent rather than smelling like nothing in particular, getting a car freshener is the way to go.

There are a number of different car air freshener options for this situation. One of the most obvious and inexpensive is the “pine tree” or other type of hanging air freshener that you can attach to your rearview mirror. For something longer lasting and more proactive for eliminating odors, there are also fresheners that work in conjunction with your air conditioning, or that spray deodorizing mist through the car at regular intervals. You’ve got lots of options. Really, the only wrong thing you can do about purchasing a car air freshener is NOT getting one. Your car — and your passengers — will thank you.


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