New Conversion Kit to Upgrade Rowe BC1400 and BC2800 Changers

Standard Change-Makers has introduced the new MC Retrofit Kit for current owners of aging Rowe International Models BC1400 and BC2800 change machines that are becoming harder to maintain. This conversion kit makes the upgrade easy!

Rowe Bill Changer

What Does the Conversion Kit Include?

The MC Retrofit Kit uses our Modular Changer (MC) components – (2) smart hoppers, stainless steel mounting platform, coin cup & bill acceptor opening cover plate, power supply with a downstacker MEI bill acceptor for $1 – $20 bill acceptance. The two included coin hoppers have a combined capacity of $1600 in quarters. Choose your model based on if you want to accept quarters only, dollar coins only, or both.

Why Make the Change with this Conversion Kit?

The Modular Changer technology has proven to be reliable and provide many years of service. The MC series components are designed for “simple function” coin dispensing: bills in, coins out! The coin hoppers are made with steel housings, and motor-driven steel discs in the dispense mechanism. Minimal preventive maintenance required! Simply swipe the sensors with a clean cloth and occasionally blast them with clean air. No more chains or scheduled lubrication required.

Hopper Installed using conversion kit

A major benefit of the MC Retrofit Kit is that you can update the internal components without removing the installed and secured cabinet from the wall. No need to hire a carpenter or mason to modify the rough opening. Everything in the kit fits within existing BC1400 cabinets.

Remote Reporting with EF-Plus Module

Add remote reporting to the MC Retrofit Kit with the optional EF-Plus Module from Standard Change-Makers. By connecting an Ethernet cable to the EF+ Module and your network router, you can program the EF+ Module to email daily audit reports or text out of service conditions. A great option for locations where owners are not present every day.

if the face plate on your changer needs freshened up, Standard Change-Makers also offers replacement front graphics. The self-adhesive Lexan graphics sheet covers the upper half of the front face plate and is easy to install.

Conversion Kits Available:

Quarter Only Retrofit Conversion Kit – DCP4K07400-FI

Dollar Coin Only Retrofit Conversion Kit – DCP4K07400-FI1

Quarters & Dollar Coins Retrofit Conversion Kit – DCP4K07400-FI2

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