Tugger’s New Tips: Low Pressure Systems Troubleshooting

Low Pressure Single Bay System

Tugger Burke works in the technical department here at Kleen-Rite and always has helpful tips for car wash owners. In this post, Tugger points out some important things to remember when it comes to low pressure systems commonly used at car washes.

Check Solenoid Valves in Low Pressure Systems First

If the issue is only in 1 bay, usually the culprit is a solenoid valve. Check power and to make sure the valve is opening and closing. Dirt/debris can buildup in the valve and cause it to stick preventing the air/chemical from going out to the bay.

Start at the Source

Anytime a problem occurs with a low pressure function, it is always best to start at the source and work outwards. If the issue is affecting all bays, start at the tank. Make sure the chemical is diluted properly and hydrominder is working. You can draw the chemical without a tip in your hydrominder to see if that makes any difference in your bays. Check your air pumps to see if it is a pump issue. Also, Adjust the air/product regulating valves and notice any difference in your bays.

Check Plungers and Diaphragms Too

Plungers and diaphragms can also fail and prevent proper operation out to the bay. It is always good to keep a spare coil and repair kit you can install quickly.

Tugger Burke

Kleen-Rite Technician

[email protected]

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