Surviving The Labor Shortage: Tips to Hire Workers!

Help wanted signs are everywhere, and surviving the labor shortage is vital to the success of your car wash. The deficit of workers is due to a complex series of problems created by a global pandemic. Here are some quick tips to help you hire new employees.

Attend Job Fairs and Host Hiring Events

Job and career fairs are a great way to find serious applicants committed to finding a job. These events let you conduct quick discussions helping you to decide to interview the person further on not. In addition, career fairs allow you to network with other businesses that could become customers at your wash.

Car wash owner standing with newly hired employees.

We spoke with Megan Donnelly, Kleen-Rite’s Director of Human Resources, who recommended hosting a hiring event at your car wash. Megan said, “We have hosted successful hiring events in the past.” Since your business is hosting the event, people who attend are more likely to be interested in your industry and the positions you need to fill.

Megan also suggested posting a sign at your wash stating to “apply in person” or “we are hiring.” A sign encourages people to ask for an application, giving you a chance to meet them and discuss the position. Who knows? You might have a great conversation and end up hiring the person on the spot.

Paying Competitive Wages

Offering a competitive wage is crucial to landing a new hire. Research the pay your competition is offering candidates. Megan said, “Wages will vary from city to city, by county and state.” Calculate what you can afford to pay your employees while remaining competitive with the local market.

Attract New Hires with Benefits

Higher pay is not always the chief desire. Megan said, “healthcare is a tremendous concern for candidates especially considering the world is experiencing a global pandemic.” Offering health care is attractive to job seekers because they may not be able to afford it otherwise.

There are several other benefits candidates seek. People are searching for jobs offering a better work-life balance. Either because they are raising a family or want more time for hobbies and recreational activities.

A cause of the labor shortage is the fear of contracting COVID 19. Producing COVID safe environment is vital to recruiting during a pandemic. Megan stated, “people want a safe environment where there are COVID protocols are in place.” You will need to develop a policy to mitigate transmission at your wash.

Job Application

Offering a variety of benefits will appeal to people just as much as higher pay. Benefits will often be the deciding factor whether or not a job is accepted or declined.

Offering Sign-On Bonuses

Many businesses have been providing sign-on bonuses to new hires. Be sure not to leave out current employees. Offer your current employees a referral bonus to encourage them to recommend open positions to people they know. Offering both of these bonuses will help you fill free positions while rewarding people who stick with you.

Recruit Using Social Media

Social media is often an overlooked tool to use for recruiting. Use it to post open positions, position descriptions, and even employee testimonials. Utilize Facebook’s job groups and marketplace, Twitter, and even Instagram to attract applicants. Social media can be just as effective at recruiting as it is for marketing your wash. Use it to your advantage. Check out our Facebook page if you need job post ideas! We also post on Instagram and Twitter.

Hiring new employees is never easy, plus they need to be a good fit. Surviving a labor shortage created by a pandemic makes it even harder. Use the tips mentioned above to survive the labor shortage and make hiring a piece of cake!

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