Join the Largest and Fastest Growing Car Wash Community on Facebook!

Have you checked out TalkCarWash, the largest Facebook group for car wash owners and operators? Before you even click on the link, you may be asking yourself, another Facebook group? What’s in it for me?

“Car wash operators constantly tell us how much value this group brings to their business,” said Tyler Slaughter, TalkCarWash Admin and Operations Director/Partner of The Camel Express Car Wash. Slaughter started the Facebook page with Jimmy Branch about three years ago. Now, there are 11,500 members, and the number of members continues to increase daily.

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What You’ll Find in the TalkCarWash Facebook Group

New and engaging content appears on the feed all day, every day. “You can ask any carwash or non-carwash related questions and get 24/7 live advice,” Slaughter said. “We’ve literally saved people.”

At the time of writing this piece, many of the popular post topics revolved around COVID-19 news. There were many other posts related to humor, on-site videos, classifieds, and car wash signage. Hot topics included self-serve bays, damages, in-bay automatics, and soap chemistry.

Looking for more topics? Members of the TalkCarWash Facebook group will also see posts about unlimited wash clubs, staff training, paystations, and POS systems. It’s a great place for car wash owners to promote their renovations and brand-new sites. Yet, this doesn’t even cover the half of it. There are many more topics discussed within the TalkCarWash network.

Who Should Join?

This Facebook group is the largest and fastest growing car wash community on the internet. It is the perfect network for vendors looking to increase their market and employees looking to learn and expand their knowledge. If car wash owners have questions, it’s a great place to go to for help. 

“I think most people on the page truly enjoy the camaraderie, the amount of car wash knowledge that’s freely shared, and the passion people have on this page for the car wash industry,” Slaughter said. “We encourage all members to ask questions, comment, give opinions, and just good old fashioned ‘talkcarwash.’”

While it’s possible for anyone to find the group, the group is private, and only members can see who is in the group and what they post. The About section states, “Please read our rules and make sure you can stay within the guidelines before requesting to join the page.” It is easy to find the admins’ group rules on Facebook.

Helpful Resources

One thing that may be particularly helpful to members of the group this year is the Files section. There, you will be able to find and download helpful PDFs, such as COVID-19 Prevention Steps and Recommended Cleaning Products. There are also good reads for business owners, such as Leadership Through Crisis.

Members of the group also can use Facebook to look for recommendations. This can come in handy for finding specific businesses and products. At the time of writing this piece, recent posts recommended general contractors, parts distributors, and bookkeeping software for car wash owners.

Finally, one awesome feature of the group is the ability to respond to polls. Submit your response and see how you stack up among operators responding all across the country.

TalkCarWash is an excellent network and resource for those in the car wash industry. Why wait? Check it out today!