The Muscle Car Spot with Lamar Skarda

In July 2022, we visited Lamar Skarda to take photos of his car wash and chat with him about his experience in the industry. He owns Kwik Car Wash in El Paso, TX, which will be featured in December of the 2023 Kleen-Rite Calendar. After the visit to his wash, he was nice enough to invite us to his garage where he stores his stable of vintage cars.

Muscle Car Spot Logo Neon Sign

The Muscle Car Spot

The creation of Lamar’s mini museum didn’t come easy. He bought the property in 2014, but because of some zoning issues wasn’t able to begin building the garage until 2016. It was worth it, though, as it looks great today with its tall open ceiling, clean white walls, and smooth concrete floor. Aside from cars, decorations in the space include colorful signs (including the custom neon sign featured here), beautiful stained glass windows, and relics from his auto racing days. Enjoy the pictures we were lucky enough to take – Lamar has some real gems in his collection! You can also see this layout in print in the Summer 2023 issue of Kleen-Rite’s magazine, the Kleen-Scene.

The aptly named “Muscle Car Spot” houses some absolutely fantastic automobiles, and they’re all clean as a whistle from the engine bay to the interior. The cars are all painted in various striking shades of blue, which adds an interesting element to his collection that truly makes it his own.

70 plymouth superbird muscle car in a garage
rear shot of a 70 plymouth superbird muscle car in a garage
The 1970 Plymouth Superbird in B5 Blue is the crown jewel of Lamar’s collection! Very rare, especially in this color.
1956 ford thunderbird in a garage
1956 Ford Thunderbird in Peacock Blue
1968 plymouth gtx in a garage
1968 Plymouth GTX in B5 Blue
blue mustang in a garage
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 in Grabber Blue
1956 Ford Crown Vic in a garage
1956 Ford Crown Victoria Skyliner in Peacock Blue
1958 nash metroplitan in a garage
1958 Nash Metropolitan in Turquoise Blue
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