Tips for Touch-Free Automatics: Produce Great-Looking Cars And Lower Your Cost Per Car

Kleen-Rite is a proud seller of Trans-Mate Inc. car wash chemicals and products! Michael Ilacqua from Trans-Mate shared some valuable advice on cutting costs in your touch-free automatic without sacrificing quality. Read on to get his insight:

There are a variety of strategies for cleaning a car in a touch-free car wash to save on water, chemical, and time. In a touch-free automatic car wash, saving time translates into money since it allows us to wash more cars per hour.

Unlike a tunnel wash, where the conveyor speeds are set at a constant speed, a touch-free allows you to adjust your chemical variables to save time while still producing clean, dry, shiny cars.

Water & Chemical Tips for a Touch-Free Automatic:

Tip 1:

Increasing detergent concentration speeds up the detergent application pass and still produces a clean car.

Tip 2:

Include different chemicals for different packages, such as dispensing only one pass of concentrated presoak in your inexpensive packages.

Tip 3:

Applying triple foam conditioners directly over your last pass of presoak saves you time on a rinse pass, and also gives your presoak extra dwell time.

Tip 4:

Increase the concentration of the drying agent and/or adding a drying agent to your high-pressure rinse pass. That allows you to wash more cars in less time at your touch-free automatic!

Tip 5:

Packages that are given a quality clear-coat sealant may not need a drying agent. Quality clear-coat protectants have the ability to dry cars, protect the painted surfaces, and enhance gloss at the same time without using separate chemicals to perform all tasks. This enables you to save time and chemical.

Tip 6:

Applying conditioners rather than polishes can save time. You can lay the triple foam directly onto the last detergent application. That increases the dwell time of the presoaks and saves yourself a rinse pass.

Utilizing some of these time-saving strategies in your touch-free automatic can help you produce clean cars, lower your cost per car, and increase your peak time capacity!

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